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6 benefits that plasma jet treatment can deliver

Plasma jet is a precise procedure, indicated in the treatment of small injuries. To know the care required in the application and after performing the technique, check out everything that was explained by Dr. Rafael Soares (CRM: 128.012), dermatologist and nutritionist, on this topic:

What is plasma jet?

Rafael commented that it is important to understand that plasma is a state of matter. He cited as examples the flame of a candle and the sun. “From our daily life, lightning is what most resembles the plasma jet: a specific condition, created in nature, which releases a concentrated energy with a specific force”. That is, the plasma jet is a procedure that releases energy in a specific region.

What is the plasma jet used for and when is it recommended

Dr Rafael explained that “the most common use is to perform the so-called blepharoplasm, which is the removal of excess skin from the upper eyelid, in place of surgery.” He also commented that the technique is not indicated in the treatment of melasma, as “the heat generated by the plasma can worsen melasma”.

How does plasma jet treatment work?

Rafael explained that it is a simple and quick procedure that takes, on average, 10 to 15 minutes. “It’s a procedure that has a little pain, so there is an anesthetic time”, he quoted. In the case of the eyelid, it is necessary to use an anesthetic cream, with more preparation time before the application of the plasma jet. “The procedure itself is simply shooting this jet of plasma, drawing something or eliminating some injury.”

6 benefits of plasma jet treatment

The dermatologist commented on six benefits obtained with the use of the plasma jet. Are they:

  • Correction of the upper eyelid without surgery: “instead of the person doing anesthesia, cutting, stitching and everything else, they do the treatment with the plasma jet and this treatment will make small lesions only on the surface of the skin, which will induce a contraction large part of the upper eyelid tissue”, explained Rafael.
  • Collagen stimulus: the dermatologist commented that, in the treated region, there is “a stimulus for collagen production.”
  • Skin rejuvenation: as the plasma jet causes a contraction of the skin in the region where it is applied, “there will not only be that aesthetic gain from the contraction of the tissue, but also the true rejuvenation of that region”, mentioned Rafael.
  • It eliminates lesions without cuts: according to the dermatologist, “it looks as if it had a burnt ball, a burnt hole in the skin, but, in fact, it is only the surface of the skin that has that little mark”.
  • Removal of benign skin lesions: “some balls, some lumps, some things that grow out of the skin, we can eliminate them through the plasma jet”, explained the dermatologist.
  • Treats stretch marks and sagging: according to Rafael, “you can treat stretch marks with plasma jets, with very nice results. It can treat belly button sagging, that ‘sad belly button’, for example, can have the tissue contracted and raise the belly button.”

Despite having a lot of benefits, you also need to be careful when doing plasma jet treatment. Keep following the article to learn more about it.

Contraindications and precautions that the technique requires

According to Dr. Rafael, the contraindications of the plasma jet are: “infectious diseases, allergies and lesions suspected of malignancy at the treatment site, in addition to people who have some specific cardiological conditions, who should not undergo the procedure”.

Plasma jet post-treatment care

  • Do not remove the husks;
  • Use the ointments recommended by the doctor;
  • Follow up with the doctor;
  • Hydrate the area well;
  • Use sunscreen and do not expose yourself to the sun for 15 days.

Finally, Rafael recommends doing the treatment and follow-up with a trusted professional. In addition, there is the issue of pain during the application of the plasma jet, even with the use of anesthesia. Now, take the opportunity to also learn more about stretch marks, one of the problems that the technique deals with.

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