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6 benefits of using lactic acid for the skin

Lactic acid works as a chemical exfoliant for the skin. Its use can bring several benefits, but has some contraindications. Dermatologist Dr. Isadora Golfet explains which are the main ones.

Getting to know lactic acid

The expert explains that “lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, that is, it belongs to a group of water-soluble acids and derivatives of plants and fruits”. It lists other acids that have similar characteristics, such as “glycolic acid, malic acid and mandelic acid”.

Thus, lactic acid is used as a chemical exfoliant for the skin, so its application “renews the surface layer and also contributes to hydration”.

Benefits and Contraindications

In addition to helping to hydrate the skin, the use of this acid brings a number of other benefits. However, it has some contraindications. So see what Dr. Golfet listed:


  1. Skin tone uniformity;
  2. Stimulates the skin’s natural luster;
  3. Improve the appearance of fine lines;
  4. Increase hydration;
  5. Make the skin softer;
  6. Lighten soft spots.


Despite the great benefits of its use, not all skins adapt to the components. Therefore, Dr. highlights that “some important contraindications would be for people who have skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea”.

In addition, she points out that “it is important to talk to your dermatologist before using a product with lactic acid to assess whether it is safe for your skin type”.

Did you already know these benefits of lactic acid? Keep reading the text to know how to use this product in the best way!

How to use lactic acid

The use of lactic acid must be suitable for the type of skin and the concentration of the chosen product. The dermatologist explains that “in more sensitive skins it is not recommended to use this product every day”.

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This is because “lactic acid acts as an exfoliant and using this concentration daily can compromise the skin’s natural protective barrier. Thus, the recommendation is to use about 2 times a week”.

You can also choose to use “products with lower concentrations, as they can be used daily right after cleaning the face”. In any case, the application should be done at night and the doctor reinforces that it is essential to “cleanse your face and apply sunscreen the next day”.

To ensure that the benefits of the acid are taken advantage of, the doctor reminds you that it is important “to consult your dermatologist to adapt a product that contains lactic acid to your care routine and the characteristics of your skin. This prevents your skin from becoming sensitized or the product not having the expected effect.”

In addition, it is necessary to “follow a routine and be consistent in the use of the recommended product. It is very common to want immediate results and abandon products after a few days of use when there is no change. This kind of care and treatment takes time, so be patient.”

Lactic acid to buy

See the selection of some products with lactic acids. Remember, it is important to consult a dermatologist to choose the product that best suits your skin.

  • Biossence: Biossence’s Lactic Acid Night Face Serum has a concentration of 10%. Its use promotes skin exfoliation, removing dead cells and stimulating cell renewal;
  • The Ordinary: The combination of 10% lactic acid with 2% HA offers an exfoliation that is powerful and gentle at the same time. The recommendation is to use this product no more than 2 times a week;
  • QRxLabs: This facial toner combines lactic acid with glycolic acid and is used to reduce the appearance of pores and control oiliness. At the same time, the toner keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Now you know the best way to take advantage of lactic acid for the skin, also check out the main benefits of using saline for the face.

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