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6 Basic Exercises New Moms May Need After Pregnancy

If you want to get back the belly you had before you got pregnant, don’t do sit-ups. Yes, it’s true that doctors recommend doing at least 150 minutes of exercise a week after giving birth, but abs will only emphasize your postpartum body. What you can do is focus on fighting the factors that made your core bigger so that you can resemble your old self again. And to achieve this, there are many exercises that you can do at home that will allow you to adapt to your new mother’s schedule, and that we want to share with you today.

At the awesome.club We’ve put together some of the most effective exercises you can do after giving birth that will help you regain your former figure.

1. Bridges will help you bring your core muscles back together


This movement helps to readjust the muscles of the abdomen and put them back together after they have been displaced during pregnancy, to give the baby space. The condition is known as abdominal diastasis and can be corrected by consistent bridging practice. This will also help strengthen the pelvic floor, which is the muscle under the uterus that weakens after carrying a baby’s weight.


Lie on your back on a comfortable but firm surface. You can use a yoga mat; Keep your arms straight at your sides and bend your knees; Raise your hips, keeping your back straight; Hold this position for 10 seconds and return to the starting position; Do 3 sets of 10 bridges each.

2. Side planks will reduce a prominent belly


Practicing side planks is a good way to get your core’s internal organs in order. During pregnancy, the uterus grows fully to accommodate the baby and will reduce its size naturally, but you can help get it back to its place faster by closing the gap between the core muscles.


Lie down on your right side; Place your right elbow on the floor for support; Elevate the whole body with the back straight, leaving only the right elbow and knee touching the floor; Wait 5 seconds and return to the starting position; Do 3 sets of 10, resting on each side of your body.

3. Sitting pelvis tilt reduces the size of the abdomen and will keep you in shape


This exercise is very easy to do and can help you reduce the size of your belly, as well as strengthen your muscles. core muscles that have been dislocated and became flaccid due to pregnancy. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to also tighten your back muscles.


Sit cross-legged on a comfortable but firm surface, placing your hands on your thighs; Leaving the back straight, make the lower part of the spine touch the floor; Push your core up and forward so your tailbone lifts slightly off the floor; Repeat step number 2; Do 50 repetitions.

4. The rock climber exercise will help you get a flatter stomach


This one movement requires effort because it is a cardiovascular activity. It will allow you to burn calories and reduce the amount of fat concentrated in the abdominal area after childbirth. Plus, the mountain climber exercise engages most of your muscles, helping to tone them, including your core.


Lying prone, place your hands and fingertips on the floor. They must support your entire body; Move your right knee forward, just below your chest; Return your leg to the starting position and this time bring your left leg forward. Remember that only your hands and your fingers should be your support.; Keep changing your legs as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Rest for another 30 seconds; Repeat this exercise 15 times.

5. Squats are perfect for burning fat around the waist


Punch squats are an easy and effective way to burn fat concentrated around your waist. Adding a little weight when striking downwards will make the results even better. The exercise engages your entire core and makes your heart work faster to burn more calories🇧🇷 Also, it requires your abs to be firmer, which helps tone them.


Stand with your legs apart and feet out; Bend your knees to 90°. Your hips should be parallel to the floor, and keep your abs tight; Lower your back and do a good punch down to the right and then to the left. If you want, you can use weights; Keep punching for one minute. Stop, stand and rest for 30 seconds; Repeat this exercise 10 times.

6. A series of squat jumps will help you keep the fat burning in your core.


The combination of lunges and jumps will force your core to work and compromise your heartwhich will hit faster and burn the fat that may have accumulated around your belly during those 9 months of pregnancy.


Stand with your hands on your hips; Bring your right leg forward. Lower the whole body, bending both knees, but make sure that the left one does not touch the floor; Keep your back straight at all times. Go back to the starting point and immediately do the same after changing your leg; After returning to the first position, jump while spreading your arms and legs as wide as you can; Repeat this series of exercises 30 times, resting when necessary.

What to expect

These exercises point to the reasons behind the change your belly undergoes during pregnancy: the separation of the abdominal muscles, the accumulation of fat in the belly area, and the expansion of the uterus. This is an example of how your body can change after exercising regularly.

Do you practice any exercises that mothers in the community of awesome.club should know? Do you think accepting a mother’s body goes hand in hand with care too? Share your thoughts and recommendations with us in the comments section!

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