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55 black long dress models for you to rock any occasion

The “pretinho basic” is the key piece for the wardrobe of many women. T-shirts, pants, blazers and black skirts, for example, are wild options for everyday use. The long black dress is also on the list and is the right bet to make the feminine look even more elegant.

Democratic and very versatile, it can be used on several occasions, allowing a multitude of models and cuts. If you are in doubt which one to choose, you will be decided when you check out the 60 beautiful inspirations that we have separated below:


long black party dress

Got invited to a party and don’t know what to wear? The long black dress is the right choice, as it combines elegance and great taste.

1. That is classic

2. The tulle adds an extra charm

3. A back cutout makes all the difference

4. And fabric overlays too

5. Opt for synthetic leather to be even more powerful

6. Ruffles are on the rise

7. And transparency guarantees boldness

8. A different neckline makes the look irreverent

9. For more relaxed parties during the day

10. If you want to get out of all black, bet on color contrast

Basic black long dress

We all need that basic piece in our wardrobe, don’t we? The long black dress will be your best friend in everyday life!

11. Basiquinho for any occasion

12. In addition to being comfortable, the knitting is simple

13. And it goes down very well during the day

14. Perfect for summer

15. Or for winter

16. Synonymous with versatility

17. Light transparency adds sophistication

18. The piece for the “I’m going to the market quickly”

19. Classic model that never goes wrong

20. And that will make your wardrobe complete!

Long black dress with slit

A slit is a slit in the fabric that can go halfway up your leg or higher. Regardless of size, it sure makes the look even more powerful.

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21. It also fits like a glove for pregnant women

22. The double slit is even sexier

23. Look how I rock!

24. The exposed leg highlights the look

25. The pleated finish guarantees movement and lightness to the piece

26. If you prefer, you can be more discreet

27. Or throw yourself at daring once and for all!

28. Can be incorporated into a casual look

29. Great model for the coldest weather

Long black dress with lace

Lace is democratic and can be used in dresses ranging from the most basic to party dresses. If you want to give a different look, bet on lace!

30. And make you look charming

31. Lace is delicate

32. Create a not-so-basic little black

33. What will get you noticed

34. Can be combined with other types of fabric

35. Applied to part of the dress

36. Or in its entirety

37. The model with sparkles is flawless

38. Create volume in the look

39. Combining different textures

Long black wedding dress

Anyone who thinks that weddings ask for exaggerated and colorful dresses is wrong. In fact, you can’t go wrong when choosing a black dress for the occasion. With it, you will look elegant and will certainly not go unnoticed.

40. Bet on the different

41. Model with long sleeves perfect for an evening wedding

42. Gypsy-style sleeves are also wonderful

43. The dramatic has a unique beauty

44. Pure delicacy with white details

45. Simple ones also have space on formal occasions

46. ​​For the coolest ones

47. Hollow sleeves add a touch of style

48. The flowers made the dress even more amazing

49. The right accessories make the difference

50. The black dress can be really fun

Long black prom dress

The graduates deserve a more than special dress, after all, they spent several years dedicating themselves to their studies. The long black is among the most sought after on the list to celebrate the big day of graduation, as they are great allies of beauty and refinement.

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51. For graduation, gemstones are very welcome

52. Choose beads to enhance the dress

53. Plain fabric is sophisticated

54. With shine it’s perfect

55. Transparency is never a bad idea

Did you see how easy it is to incorporate the long black dress anytime and anywhere? This piece suits all women, with all skin tones, enhances the body and allows you to use and abuse different accessories to complement the look. In doubt what to wear? Go in a little black dress – or not so basic – you can’t go wrong!

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