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52 homemade ice cream recipes to cool off on hot days

On days of intense heat, nothing better than cooling off with a delicious ice cream. Available in the most varied flavors, textures and formats, ice cream remains a favorite dessert for many.

Created by the Chinese over 3,000 years ago, who mixed snow with fruit and honey, this tasty dessert was reinvented and spread around the world.

Whether dough, popsicle, as an accompaniment to a cake, with different toppings, served with chestnuts, peanuts, sliced ​​fruits or other goodies, the possibilities to make this sweet even tastier are numerous.

Without the need to be complicated, or even go through an industrialization process, homemade ice cream becomes a great option to relieve the hottest temperatures. With easily accessible ingredients, the possibility of varied flavors and without complications, enjoy the following recipes and start preparing yours now!

fruit ice creams

1. Homemade Guava Ice Cream: This recipe only takes three ingredients. Easy and practical for those moments when the desire to eat a sweet can’t wait.

2. Homemade coconut ice cream with farofa: using a crushed cookie, a delicious farofa is made to accompany this coconut ice cream.

3. Blueberry and ricotta ice cream: using ingredients such as Greek yogurt, ricotta and wild blueberries, prepare an ice cream worthy of a refined restaurant.

4. Blueberry and yogurt ice cream: the blueberry, a dark purple fruit rich in nutrients, low in calories and high in antioxidants, is the highlight of this recipe. Prepared with natural yogurt, it guarantees flavor and freshness on hot days.

5. Red fruit and coconut ice cream: for lovers of red fruits, this ice cream guarantees fun. With a mix of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, the result is mouthwatering.

6. Ice cream with blueberry curd: once again bringing color and flavor to the dish, the blueberry composes the main flavor of this ice cream. Recipe a little more laborious, but with an impressive result.

7. Plum ice cream and Earl Gray: using the plum as the base fruit, this recipe also uses tea flavored with bergamot essential oil, known as Earl Grey. The result? Unparalleled color and flavor.

8. Almost instant strawberry ice cream: using frozen strawberries, sugar, cream and lemon flavored tea, the preparation of this legacy is quick and practical.

9. Cherry cheesecake ice cream: using the cherry as the main fruit, this recipe uses cream cheese to help with creaminess. The final look is a beautiful mix of colors.

10. Coconut ice cream: Great for the hottest days, it’s fresh and with the pronounced flavor of coconut, in addition to being practical and quick to prepare.

11. Homemade passion fruit ice cream: using passion fruit and white chocolate, this ice cream is quick to prepare and tastes delicious.

12. Strawberry banana ice cream: using frozen banana as a creamy base for this recipe, this ice cream is not only practical but also healthy, as it contains only fruit in its composition.

13. Pineapple and coconut ice cream: pineapple, also known as pineapple, is used frozen, and brings a freshness to this recipe.

14. Yogurt and jabuticaba ice cream: low in fat and calories, jabuticaba is a source of varied vitamins and helps with premature aging, due to its high content of antioxidants.

15. Sicilian lemon ice cream: using only sugar, Sicilian lemon and fresh cream, this recipe will please the most varied tastes Quick and practical.

16. Avocado ice cream: quick recipe, it’s light and ideal for times when you want to taste a dessert without guilt.

assorted ice creams

17. Peanut ice cream with burnt coconut: to make this recipe easier, a powder to repair ice cream is used, guaranteeing the creamy base of the same. Flavored and unflavored options are available for sale.

18. Vanilla ice cream and Oreos: using the cookie loved by many, this recipe has a crunchy texture guaranteed by the cookie and a mild flavor due to vanilla.

19. Dulce de leche ice cream in mascarpone: using mascarpone cheese to counteract the sweet taste of dulce de leche, this ice cream has a unique and fun flavor.

chocolate ice cream

19. Chocolate and mascarpone ice cream with peanut butter: mixing different flavors, this recipe is successful due to the result of the sum of these flavors combined.

21. Yogurt and chocolate ice cream with apricot: this recipe uses apricot jelly, a fruit known for being rich in fiber, beta carotene and helping to fight cancer.

22. Homemade chocolate ice cream with flakes: ideal for chocolate lovers, in this recipe, in addition to using semisweet chocolate as a base, chocolate flakes are still added to make the ice cream more crunchy.

23. Curd and white chocolate ice cream: by using curd, this recipe is a little less creamy than normal, since its acidity fights the fats from milk. Even so, its flavor remains delicious!

24. Chocolate mousse ice cream: in addition to being easy and quick to prepare, what wins over whoever tastes it, is the creamy texture, which refers to a mousse.

25. Chocolate ice cream with honey bread: with a chocolate-based ice cream, this recipe innovates by adding crushed honey bread to the candy. The result is surprisingly tasty.

26. Passion fruit ice cream with white chocolate: contrasting the sourness of the passion fruit with the sweetness of the white chocolate, this recipe has the fruit as the star. This fruit, in addition to lowering blood sugar, is a famous supporter in weight loss.

27. Homemade flakes ice cream: with three simple steps, this recipe is ideal to be served as a dessert at a family lunch. Definitely pleases the most varied palates.

Fit and differentiated ice creams

28. 5-Minute Banana Ice Cream: Using frozen fruit, this ice cream is low in calories, quick to prepare and sweet in taste. A good option for those who do not want to go off the diet.

29. Pineapple ice cream without milk: recipe for instant preparation, and an option for the intolerant, this recipe uses frozen and processed fruit.

30. Vegan ice cream: using boiled sweet potatoes and coconut milk, this recipe is ideal for vegans and allergy sufferers who miss a dessert on hot days.

31. Vegan blueberry banana ice cream: another option for vegans and allergy sufferers, this recipe is practical and quick, using only fruits, resulting in a healthy and tasty ice cream.

32. Fruit ice cream: using only fruit, it is a great option to reuse food: when the fruit is very ripe, freeze it before throwing it away. This way your ice cream can have the most varied flavors.

33. Honey and thyme ice cream: the unusual combination of thyme and honey, helps to cool down on days of intense heat. Great recipe for those who like to try new flavors.

34. Vegan Blueberry Ice Cream: Using soy yogurt instead of traditional, this recipe is a good option for vegans or those with a dairy allergy.

35. Ice cream 3 ingredients: the use of few ingredients and quick preparation leave nothing to be desired in terms of the taste of this dessert.

36. Banana and Avocado Protein Ice Cream: The protein supplement appears again in this recipe, along with banana and avocado. Practical recipe, great for those who want a high portion of proteins.

37. Chocolate protein ice cream: with a low calorie portion, this ice cream is quick to prepare and the possibility of replacing some ingredients.

38. Vegan pineapple ice cream: using soy cream once again, pineapple is the highlight of the recipe, making it even more refreshing.

39. White chocolate protein ice cream: fit recipe, uses a protein supplement, ideal for those who are concerned about not gaining weight but cannot resist the urge to eat sweets.


40. Nutella Popsicle: the favorite hazelnut cream of many is the highlight of this recipe. Together with the cream and milk, it results in a creamy popsicle full of flavor.

41. Kiwi popsicle: using the sliced ​​fruit and dipped in melted milk chocolate, take it to the freezer. This popsicle is a good option for those who don’t like to eat pure fruits.

42. Yogurt Popsicle with Oreo: the cookie appears once again, now next to the yogurt and in the form of a popsicle. The broken pieces ensure the crunchy texture amid the creaminess of the yogurt.

43. Mexican strawberry and condensed milk palette: a trendy popsicle, the Mexican palette has been gaining ground in Brazilian dishes. Known for being a stuffed popsicle, here it brings condensed milk as a complement.

44. Greek Yogurt and Cherry Ice Cream: Using just two ingredients – cherry jam and yogurt, this popsicle is fast, delicious and visually beautiful.

45. Yogurt and fruit popsicle: with yogurt and chopped fruit, this popsicle is practical and tasty. Great for different tastes.

46. ​​Homemade coconut popsicle: creamy popsicle, it’s a great option to accompany a caipirinha at happy hour with friends.

47. Fruit popsicle: using your favorite fruit, add orange juice to the popsicle mold and put it in the freezer. Refreshing and healthy.

48. Milk-free negresco popsicle: with coconut milk, agave to sweeten and Negresco cookies, this recipe is milk-free and has an unparalleled creaminess.

49. Creamy Strawberry Popsicle: using only 4 ingredients, this recipe brings the flavor of strawberry with natural yogurt. Simple to make, but tasty.

50. Orange popsicles: very simple to make and aesthetically beautiful, just add chopped strawberries and orange juice to the popsicle molds and freeze them.

51. Protein popsicle: with the promise of helping you lose weight and helping to kill the craving for sweets, this popsicle takes few ingredients and is quick to prepare.

52. Mango, coconut water and chia popsicle: using only 3 ingredients, this popsicle uses chia in its preparation, a seed that suppresses hunger, helps control blood glucose and lower cholesterol.

With these varied recipes, it’s easy to turn off the heat, cool down and enjoy a good homemade ice cream. Just call family and friends and taste them, whether as pasta or popsicle, enjoy and make yours now.

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