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52 aspects you should consider when buying a shoe

Some women do not think twice before saying that they are passionate about shoes: they have several models of each type, for the most varied situations. Others, however, declare that they have only what is necessary, such as, for example, a “joker” to work, a pair of sneakers to exercise, a flip-flop to stay at home and one or two sandals or sandals to go out.

But, in any case, there is no denying it: shoes, in general, are essential items in anyone’s life and, at one time or another, for numerous reasons, you will have to make a (new) acquisition.

Choosing a shoe is related to a woman’s style, her routine and also her priorities. There are a lot of issues involved, such as quality, functionality, beauty and price of the shoe, and it’s all very personal.

But, anyway, there are some general points that should be analyzed when buying shoes of the most varied types. Below you can find the main guidelines and tips in this regard, which will certainly help you in your next purchase!

High heels

Currently it is possible to find numerous types of heeled shoes, which meet the most varied expectations: pumps, peep toes, among others. The main guidelines for choosing are:

1. Is it a shoe for occasional use, for example, to wear to graduations, weddings? If so, Lindaella’s shoe designer, André Augusto, suggests analyzing the footwear’s “glamour” first. “If it meets the expectations for such an event”, he comments.

2. It is also essential to analyze how much you are willing to spend on the product. Okay, it’s a shoe for a special occasion, but is it worth paying so much for a shoe that you’re going to wear occasionally? Research is an important tip, as there are, yes, beautiful, elegant shoes for a special event, but at an affordable price.

3. Also analyze the comfort of the shoe. Not squeezing your fingers? Isn’t it “catching” behind? Won’t he get off his feet when you walk? More important than having a sophisticated and beautiful high-heeled shoe, is to feel good with the chosen model, and that it gives you security in walking. Because it’s no use putting on a nice shoe and not being able to walk with it!

4. Many women are used to walking in high heels; others, however, confess that they are not so used to it yet and use this type of shoe only on very special occasions. If you are part of this second group, “start slowly”, it is not very advisable to choose a shoe with a very big heel. Choose a relatively low heel that gives you security and, over time, choose others with higher heels, if you wish.

5. Do you need a jump from day to day work? André advises looking for thicker and more comfortable heels, which are good for walking and driving.

6. In the case of everyday high-heel shoes, according to André, it is also interesting to analyze the issue of price. “Since the purchase demand is greater”, he comments. Thus, the tip is to do good research by choosing comfortable shoes that have an affordable price.

7. If you are going to buy online, carefully analyze all the details of the shoes, including heel size, shoe weight, etc.

8. If you intend to wear heels only on special and sporadic occasions, for example, always wear the same one every time you have a wedding, opt for more neutral colors, which will match different looks. Black and beige are good options.

9. Are you going to buy high heels to go clubbing? The beauty of the shoes is important, but don’t forget about comfort, because, depending on the type of party, you can be on your feet for hours.

10. If you are going to buy the shoe in a physical store, that is, where you will try the product, go at the end of the day. That’s because, after a normal day, the feet tend to swell. That way, you’ll make sure that the shoe size/model is right for your feet.

11. Always remember that shoes with mega high heels and extremely thin heels require a lot of balance. If you are not used to it, choose another model. Don’t run the risk of falling and hurting yourself simply because you think the shoes are beautiful.

heel sandals

12. Firstly, analyze in which situations you intend to use the sandal. Is it to go out on the weekends? If so, the beauty of the product is important. You can research, for example, what the latest trends are before buying, but you should, above all, choose the one that matches your style.

13. Comfort is also important, even if you intend to wear the sandal just to go out on weekends. After all, nobody likes having to leave a party, for example, because they have a lot of pain in their feet!

14. Assessing the price is also important. How much are you willing to spend on this sandal? Do you think it’s really worth this price? Will it last long enough for you to use it over and over again? All these answers are very personal, but they should be thought about calmly, so that you don’t regret it later.

15. According to André, before buying the sandal it’s also good to think about the looks you already have in your wardrobe. “So you already know what you can and cannot use with this new acquisition”, he says.

16. Don’t you feel very secure in high heels and thin? Sandals with thick heels are the ideal model for the woman who likes to wear a little heel every now and then, but who does not give up comfort. This type of shoe gives more support and is suitable for both day to day and night wear. Just choose a model that suits your style and your look.

17. If you don’t feel very good in high heel sandals, get one just for events where you know you’ll have somewhere to sit and won’t be on your feet for too long. This type of sandal, in fact, is elegant and matches more sophisticated productions; but, depending on your style and look, it can be used in more informal events. If you know, however, that you will only use the sandal a few times (due to the lack of habit of walking with this type of heel), consider whether it is really worth spending a great deal of money on the product.

18. Are you looking for a comfortable yet elegant sandal for the most varied occasions? Sandals with heels are a good option because they provide more comfort, even when the shoes are high (with 10 or 12 cm heels, for example).

19. Half-heel sandals can also be used to go out at night, it all depends on the model chosen and the composition of the look. They are interesting, even on occasions that require many hours of standing or dancing, as in a ballad.

20. A wedge sandal, in general, offers much more security as the heel follows the width of the shoe. It is usually used for more informal occasions and even for everyday work, but depending on the material chosen, it can be used in the composition of a more elegant look.

21. If you intend to use the wedge or even another type of sandal in your day to day, choose a really comfortable and quality model so that the shoes don’t spoil with a short time of use. Often “cheap can be expensive”.

22. Platforms, which have a full heel, allow the entire foot to be at the same height level. Many women find it a stylish and comfortable option to wear during the day; others, however, confess to being afraid of twisting their foot with this type of shoe. It’s a matter of taste, so when buying this type of sandal, it’s worth trying the model and taking a few steps with it, to see if, in fact, you’ll feel safe when walking.

23. If you are going to buy the sandal online, review all the product details, including heel size, sole width, etc.

flat sandals

24. André points out that flat shoes tend to be more comfortable. “So it’s interesting to look at the quality of the finish (seams, material),” he says.

25. It is also worth paying attention to the price, as it is currently possible to find models of the most varied values. Do you plan to wear sandals a lot? So maybe it’s worth investing in better shoes that you really know are quality. But remember: high price is not always synonymous with quality. Research (on the internet, talking to other people, etc.) about your chosen brand to see if it offers the comfort and durability you expect.

26. André reminds us that it is important to think about valuing the shape of the foot. “There is always something that makes the foot more beautiful”, he comments. That way, calmly trying flat sandals is always a great tip.

27. Most women wear flat sandals more for day to day, but nowadays there are several beautiful models that can complete a look even for the night (to go to a bar, for example). Flats with predators are a great example and the ideal option for those who don’t like heels, but are looking for an elegant shoe, especially for the summer.

Ballet shoes

28. André points out that sneakers are usually the jokers of the shoemaker. “Therefore, the highest priority during procurement is quality! There is nothing worse than being in love with a sneaker that is ‘disposable’ (it rips, it smells bad, in short, it leaves the woman frustrated in some way)”, he says.

29. Choose a shoe model that suits you. It’s not just because “it’s in fashion” that you need to buy that particular model. André comments that there are several different colors and models. “And as bad as being disposable, the shoe is the same as everyone else’s. It’s nice to think of exclusivity! And lastly and most importantly: what counts is love at first sight,” he says.

30. In addition to the super-indicated models for everyday life, there are beautiful sneakers that can be used for going out. In this case, beauty is the main issue, but be sure to also evaluate the comfort of the piece, because nothing is more unpleasant than a sneaker squeezing and hurting your feet.

31. For a party, where you don’t want to wear heels, bet on flats with sequins, satin or varnish, for example, as they have shine and go well with the night.

32. If you are passionate about sneakers and have several for different occasions, that’s fine. But, if you don’t use it that often and intend to buy just one pair, bet on more neutral colors and without prints. This is the guarantee that it will match various compositions and will have functionality in your looks.

33. Some people take a risk, but the best option is to buy a sneaker in person (not over the internet). So you can try the product and see if the size and shape are suitable for your feet. After all, no one wants a shoe sticking out of their feet or blistering in the back, right?


34. Currently, there are numerous models of boots and, every winter, more beautiful novelties appear: riding boots, over the knee, ankle boot, boots etc. However, it is not always possible to buy a model of each one, or simply all of them that you like. That way, when you have to choose one, the main tip is to use common sense and…

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