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50 Women’s Day messages to empower yourself and show your strength

Women’s Day is celebrated internationally on March 8th, but women deserve every day of the year for them. We take this date to wish all women to know how important they are and that their values ​​go far beyond external beauty. Warriors, they face daily struggles and, contrary to what they say, there is nothing “fragile” about them.

With that in mind, we’ve separated a list of female empowerment messages for you to recognize your value this Women’s Day. Check it out and share it with the amazing women around you!

1. Show your strength

Woman is superlative of strength. (Amanda Celeste)

2. Yes, women can!

You can do anything, woman!

3. You are naturally beautiful

With or without makeup, you are beautiful!

4. Help another woman

Be a woman who lifts other women up. March 8th – Women’s Day

5. Congratulate other women

Women’s Day – March 8th.

6. Your strength is within

Believe in you more.

7. Don’t get caught up in the standards

Be proud of your body no matter what.

8. It takes respect first

The greatest gift a woman can receive today (and every other day of the year) is respect. March 8 – International Women’s Day (Matheus Rocha)

9. Every day is theirs

Congratulations everyday to us!

10. Women’s Day is every day

March 8th is their day!

11. A woman’s thing is to be what she wants

It is a woman’s thing to understand that “you are not born a woman, you become” (Simone de Beauvoir)

12. Leave insecurity behind

Nobody holds a woman secure.

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13. Women are warriors


14. Representativeness for all

Happy Arrest Day!

15. Freedom for All

“Let nothing define us. Let nothing subject us. Let freedom be our very substance.” (Simone de Beauvoir)

16. We can do anything

“For a world where we are socially equal, humanly different and totally free.” (Rose Luxembourg)

17. The fight is daily

More Fight, less roses. More respect, less congratulations. More protagonism, less chocolates. More opportunities, less honors.

18. The joy of the world is women

March 8 – Day of those who make the world happier.

19. Self-love first

Be your best company.

20. The important thing is to be happy

You look beautiful dressed in happiness.

21. The basis of everything is respect

Respect mine.

22. Women battle daily

Fight like a girl.

23. Don’t hide your beauty

My hair is my identity.

24. You’re beautiful anyway

Your body does not define who you are.

25. You are unique

Beauty is not a size.

26. Happy day of those who are a thousand in one

Happy women’s day!

27. Free yourself and be yourself

My femininity is not measured by the length of my hair.

28. Don’t belittle yourself

You don’t need to hide.

29. Women’s freedom is revolutionary

Humanity has always been afraid of women who fly. Be they witches, be they free.

30. Intellectually compliment a woman

Sisterhood is praising a woman for her intelligence.

31. Feel powerful

Woke up fabulous.

32. You don’t cover yourself so much

Make peace with yourself.

33. Forget the ideal body illusion

The perfect body is yours.

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34. Meet other amazing women

If I see amazing women, I understand that I can be amazing too.

35. Choose you

I like myself better.

36. There is no female fragility

Being a woman is finding immense strength in an interior that society insists on calling fragile.

37. Make peace with the mirror

You and beautiful!

38. Your strength is your might

You can! You can do it girl!

39. Women, unite!

Together and little by little we can change everything.

40. You are yours and no one else’s

I, the owner of myself, if I did it, it’s because I was in the mood.

41. Do what you feel like

A well-resolved bitch.

42. Look at yourself fondly

For others to love you, you need to love yourself too.

43. Don’t mind other people’s judgments

Do what makes you feel good.

44. Never believe the phrase “Women can’t…”

We can.

45. Take care of your mental health

A woman with her mental health up to date doesn’t want war with anyone.

46. ​​Do not doubt yourself

You are beautiful, strong and amazing. Don’t let anyone make you doubt it.

47. Follow your heart and do what you want

Not following standards doesn’t make you less of a woman.

48. Let’s go together

Female sisterhood: together we are stronger.

49. Allow yourself!

Free yourself!

50. You Can Achieve Anything You Want

We can always more!

You could see that you can be your own person and do whatever you want because you’re capable of anything, right? Be sure to share with a friend so she feels empowered like this! Happy woman’s Day!

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