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50 photos of perfect straight haircuts to escape the ordinary

These straight haircut inspirations will transform your locks. You will make your day to day more practical and will also guarantee a modern look. Check out, in practice, how they look and some tutorials to venture out with scissors and cut yours.

50 photos of the best haircuts for straight hair that make any woman more amazing

Straight and dull hair? Never! Check out these beautiful haircut ideas and find out which one suits you best. Just save your favorite and book an appointment at the salon. Worth a try:

1. There are many types of straight haircuts

2. They can be done on short hair

3. Or longer locks

4. With it any hair comes to life

5. And if you’re a fan of shorts, check out several cool proposals

6. You can dare in a very modern cut

7. Don’t be afraid to cut too much

8. With the correct technique he will enhance your face

9. But if you don’t want to dare so much, invest in the medium length

10. He looks great at shoulder height

11. When the cut is done well, everyday life is easier

12. All you need to do is brush your hair and you’re ready for any occasion

13. You can be a more classic woman

14. Or have a more laid-back style

15. After all, the cut should represent your personality

16. He is the one who keeps the wires healthy

17. How about including a fringe in the look?

18. She looks beautiful long

19. Want something more modern? Bet on the frayed fringe

20. If you like practicality, this cut is ideal

21. It doesn’t take much for you to rock

22. The long bob cut is super hot

23. You can come across as a fun woman

24. And also a powerful woman

25. For those who wear very smooth hair, a good cut is essential

26. It is important that he is aligned

27. You can opt for a straighter cut

28. Or layer scissors

29. The frayed cut is perfect for gaining volume

30. These are the layers that will bring movement

31. They make any straight hair come alive

32. To model the face, use the fringe divided in the middle

33. The secret is to take good care of the ends

34. This hair is perfect for not wasting too much time getting ready

35. Long hair is only beautiful if it is well cut

36. So it conveys an amazing and healthy look

37. Just use the fringe divided in the middle for you to look very chic

38. The perfect look for a powerful woman

39. If you have a more informal style, invest in the peaked cut

40. He looks great even after a day at the beach

41. The important thing is that your hair doesn’t give you trouble during your routine

42. This length is ideal for a woman of attitude

43. For those who like freedom

44. The lights enhance the cut even more

45. The important thing is to match your face style

46. ​​There are so many beautiful options

47. It’s even hard to choose

48. To further enhance your beauty

49. Now just go for the scissors and rock

Don’t be afraid to change your look and put these ideas into practice. And if you master scissors, check out how to make these cuts with the tutorials below.

How to make straight haircuts

These videos will help you strike the balance for a perfect cut. It is a great support for those who want to cut their own hair or do it on a friend. Look:

How to cut hair alone

Don’t have anyone to help you and want to save on the salon? Venture out and cut the locks by yourself. It is the ideal cut for those who like long hair with volume at the ends.

long bob cut at home

The long bob is a cut that is super high. It has a medium length and makes the look more modern. Follow the step by step of this video to carry out this process alone and at home.

cut in layers

If you are a fan of volume, you need to bet on the layered cut. They are created in the shape of a “U”, creating a beautiful effect and helping to shape the face. To do this process, you will make a ponytail and throw it forward to visualize the strands well.

Simple and easy cut

The comb will be your best friend when making this cut. It is he who will leave the strands aligned for the final result to be very harmonious. It is a great technique for creating volume on natural straight hair.

Changing the look just got easier with so many cool and modern ideas. And to keep the strands beautiful and shiny, check out different types of hydration for straight hair.

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