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50 photos of delicate encapsulated nails full of femininity

Encapsulated nails are gaining more and more space. The technique consists of applying layers of gel or acrylic, encapsulating the nails. This gives you more space to unleash your creativity on the perfect design. You will be enchanted by these delicate encapsulated nail versions. Check out some inspirations and tutorials to play at home.

50 pictures of delicate encapsulated nails for you to fall in love with

want to rock the nail design? How about reproducing some of these inspirations on the next trip to the salon. Check out some beautiful colors and designs to try:

1. Delicate encapsulated nails are very charming

2. They are perfect for those who want something more discreet

3. But they also have a neat decoration

4. There are options for all ages

5. Neutral tones are a great choice

6. They convey delicacy

7. And they are an easy option to combine in everyday life

8. The francesinha is a success

9. This classic design never goes out of style

10. In the colored version it is even more beautiful

11. How about surprising with a diagonal line?

12. A splash of color is always welcome

13. Just bet on the delicate blue encapsulated nails

14. Another wild color is pink

15. He is all about the female universe

16. Can be combined with nude tones

17. Or gain even more prominence with gold

18. Include a cute design in your decor

19. You can play hearts

20. Or innovate with this animal print

21. Make the outline of the design with a shimmering nail polish

22. It is possible to be delicate and use shine

23. After all, glitter doesn’t go unnoticed

24. Gold leaves are a luxury

25. Apply a little glitter if you want a smoother effect

26. To take your design to the next level, bet on rhinestones

27. It can be placed in different corners of the nails

28. The transparent encapsulated nail looks really cool

29. You don’t have to paint all your nails the same

30. The rounded shape looks beautiful

31. The lines make the design more modern

32. These nails look wonderful paired with accessories

33. The nail art turned into a true work of art

34. You can’t help but be enchanted by these little balls

35. Play with different styles

36. You can abuse the length

37. Or opt for a more traditional stretch

38. Encapsulation can be done in almond shape

39. Or make your nails square

40. Either way they look amazing

41. Any look is more fun with a nail like this

42. It’s the details that make the difference

43. Choose a unique model

44. The lilac color is synonymous with delicacy

45. Even with several designs, this combination is harmonic

46. ​​That’s why it’s important to choose nail polish shades well

47. It’s a more beautiful option than the other

48. Whether for routine or for a special party

49. A delicate design is very versatile

50. Have you already chosen your favorite version?

After this selection, there will be no shortage of ideas to make your nails wonderful. And if you like to venture out with enamels and designscheck out the tutorials below.

How to make delicate encapsulated nails

Doing your nails at home is a great way to save money. In addition to reducing costs, it can also become a very fun task. Learn more about wrapping and decorating:

Delicate encapsulated baby boomer nails

The decoration baby boomer has become a strong trend. It is successful for its smooth gradient that creates an incredible effect on the nails. Also learn how to make the structure of the nails perfect.

Delicate encapsulated nails with glitter

If you don’t give up the shine, this nail will conquer you. The glitter will be applied only on the ends, leaving the decoration more discreet and delicate. It’s very easy to do!

Delicate encapsulated nails with adhesive

The adhesive is a practical material for those who have not mastered the nail design. Just apply it correctly and you can have beautiful designs without much effort. Choose your favorite print and be sure to test.

Delicate encapsulated gradient nails

Creating a gradient will take your nails to the next level. Here, the main color can be blended with cotton, giving light taps. Just choose your favorite color and reproduce this technique.

After so many beautiful options, you can choose one decoration per week. And to know more about the decorations of the moment, check out some more baby boomer nail versions.

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