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50 leopard nail designs that are amazing and versatile

The leopard nails are versatile and match all styles. This print follows the animal print trend, found in clothes, bags, wallets, shoes and even in the decoration of environments. We separate inspirations and step-by-step videos for you to do your own nails in this theme. Want to check? Keep reading!

50 leopard nail pictures to inspire you

In the list below, you will find classic and extravagant leopard nails, tips for glazing short nails and examples of how the print looks on long stiletto claws. Do you like mixing styles and colors? Also has. You can test several and we separate beautiful ideas for you to be inspired:

1. Let’s start with leopards and gold thread detail

2. Try mixing colors and textures

3. Pink leopard nails are super charming

4. The leopard can be made on a neutral background too

5. Original combination of leopard print and black detail on the sides

6. Black nails are powerful and stand out

7. The shorts are also super stylish with the leopard print

8. The pink details made all the difference

9. Proving that leopard nails look great at any length

10. Stickers make customizing your nails a lot easier

11. And matte nail polishes are also a good choice for them

12. The leopard nails look beautiful with the green and pink nail polishes

13. Blue jaguars? Why not?

14. Jaguar nails can be romantic and different at the same time

15. Or with soft colors and an only child with a jaguar print

16. The only child highlights and matches all colors

17. Classic leopards in an unobtrusive model

18. Darker shades make nails very elegant

19. Long square nails look great with leopard print

20. Has the most delicate version

21. Try the leopard print on the index finger only

22. And on every nail too

23. Inglesinha with leopard print

24. On the nails, you can leopard, colors, glitter and whatever else you want

25. The leopard nail is trendy and also versatile

26. Stiletto nails for those with attitude

27. And also an idea for those who prefer discretion and delicacy

28. Jaguar nails with the joy of strong yellow

29. You Can Have Beautiful Powerful Claws

30. Bet on dark blue leopards: they are beautiful and modern

31. Gold enamel with black and leopard – all at once!

32. Black jaguars only on the ends

33. How about wearing purple?

34. Colors that are not discreet are also very good

35. One more reason to be inspired by colored nails

36. For the most daring, it’s worth combining jaguar, gold and glitter

37. How about a matte nail polish?

38. Want a different touch? Bet on the pink leopard path

39. Unleash your creativity and discover new combinations

40. You can use glitter on the details and give it a special touch

41. The leopard print is very versatile

42. She can be pink with sparkly details

43. Or colored and only in the length of the nail

44. Can be extravagant

45. single

46. ​​And only in parts of the nail

47. Mix jaguar print with other textures

48. Long nails go great with leopard print

49. Can you print flowers and leopard prints? Sure!

50. The important thing is to pay attention to the details!

There is no shortage of options for leopard nails. They adapt to various styles, personalities and are still super stylish.

Step by step on how to do leopard nails

Making your own leopard nails can seem difficult. But, if you have the skill, experience or desire to try to do it at home, you can count on some tutorials that show you all the processes. You can draw the leopard’s spots or take advantage of the practicality of film. Look that:

Easy leopard nail with materials you have at home

This step-by-step by Gersoni Ribeiro shows that it is possible to make leopard prints at home, using few colors of nail polish and manicure stick – materials that are in the nail polish box of those who already do their own nails.

Adapt the trends of the gringas

In the second part of the tutorial, in the 7 minutes of the video, content creator Gabriela Becker teaches how to make leopard nails in English format. The result is beautiful and you need to check it out!

5 easy models to decorate your nails

In this video, Jana Taffarel teaches 5 different tutorials to decorate your nails at home. Follow and test today!

Now that you’ve seen beautiful possibilities for leopard nails, take the photo you liked the most to inspire your manicure or try doing it at home and put your manual skills to the test. See more decorated nail tips and rock your choices!

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