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50 incredibly easy ways to lose 1kg

Did you know that in 1 kg of fat there are approximately 7,700 calories? This means that, for a person to lose 1 kg of fat, they need to “spend”, through physical activities, and/or reduce, through dietary changes, 7,700 calories.

Really look like?! In fact, it’s not little! But it’s entirely possible. Want a good example of how to do this in 15 days?! Burning 500 calories a day or burning an extra 200 calories (walking), and not eating another 300 calories when eating (refusing a cake, for example).

For those who want to lose 1 kg in a month, it is recommended to reduce about 256 calories daily, which is not that difficult: walking at a light pace for 1 hour a day is a great tip for this, for example! The results will definitely appear at the end of the month!

Below you can find tips on how to reduce calories in your daily life, whether through changes in diet, or through physical activities or routine actions (which many people do not know, but also “burn calories”).

It is worth mentioning that, to achieve good results, the ideal is to combine several tips from the list below, both for food and activities! You don’t have to do the same activity every day or cut out the same type of food every day…

That is, you don’t necessarily need to run 25 minutes every day of the month… You can do this from Monday to Friday and, on weekends, “burn” the approximately 256 calories through another activity (which such riding a horse, for example?).

50 tips that will help you lose 1kg (in 1 month or less)

To follow the tips, in the first month you can, for example: choose a physical activity that you like best to practice during the week; start eating a fruit before lunch and a fruit before dinner daily; and, on weekends, have fun rollerblading.

Over time, you can increase the daily activities you do, if possible. How about, after weight training, taking your dog for a walk, for example?! In addition, you tend to improve your diet more and more… After all, you will realize that you can live very well without eating fast food every weekend, for example.

With this, without great efforts, you will be following increasingly healthy habits and, for sure, you will see good results on the scales and, especially, with regard to your quality of life!


It is worth mentioning that these examples below take into account that you want to spend about 7,700 calories just by changing your eating habits, that is, without exercising. With that, of course, dietary restrictions tend to be a little bigger – which reinforces the importance of associating a balanced diet with the practice of at least one physical activity to achieve better results.

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1. Eat a fruit before lunch and a fruit before dinner daily for 20 days. A survey by Pennsylvania State University, in the United States, showed that those who eat a fruit about 15 minutes before eating can save up to 187 calories. That’s because, tend to eat less in the main meal.

2.Do you have the habit of eating pizza on weekends? And the worst: when you eat, don’t you usually stop at the first bite? Exclude this habit from your diet for at least a month (that is, skipping pizza for four weekends) and you can see good results in weight loss.

3. Do you like soups? Have a vegetable soup (but no potatoes, cheese, sour cream, salt, etc.) before lunch and dinner for 1 month. Researchers say this measure can help reduce the caloric value of the next course by up to 130 calories.

4. Reduce the amount of oil you season the salad with daily over the course of 1 month. As much as it is a healthy food, it is worth mentioning that it is also caloric, so it should never be used in excess.

5. On weekends, do you have the habit of eating snacks in some cafeteria in the city?! Know that a snack made with hamburger bun, beef burger, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato and egg can exceed 600 calories! So, abolishing this habit for at least 1 month can be a great step towards achieving good results on the scales.

6. When you drink beer, do you usually drink something around 5 cans? So a good tip to lose 1 kilo throughout the month is to get rid of this habit (even on weekends).

7. Stop drinking soda after lunch and dinner (or at any other time of day) for a month.

8. Forget the chocolates that you usually eat daily after lunch or dinner.

9. Don’t sweeten your coffee with sugar for at least 1 month to start seeing good results.

10. Avoid fried foods daily. If you feel like eating potatoes, for example, make them in the oven.

11. Do not add cheese to your daily dishes (omelet, pasta, snack with wholemeal bread, etc.).

12. Petit Gateau is a delicious candy, isn’t it? But you should resist it whenever possible if you want to lose weight! That’s because the candy (cupcake plus ice cream) has approximately 400 calories.

13. Avoid fast food (even on weekends)! If you eat, for example, a Big Tasty snack plus a fries (large) and a glass (large) of Coke, you are consuming 1453 calories. Eating this “combo” 5 times a month, you will consume 7265 calories! That is, almost enough to gain a kilo… So, go the opposite way and avoid this type of food!

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14. Do you have the habit of eating at least 2 French breads a day (one in the morning and one in the evening, for example)?! Know that they add up to 260 calories, so if you want to lose weight, start by cutting this item out of your diet.

15. Are you used to using sugar to sweeten your natural juices and also fruits such as strawberry, papaya, avocado etc.? Know that 4 level tablespoons (63 grams) of sugar add up to about 250 calories, so the ideal is to cut this habit!

16. Forget about cookies in everyday life! Even the “water and salt” crackers are not so diet “friendly”. 12 units of it add up to 260 calories.

Physical activity

It is worth mentioning that these examples below take into account that you want to spend about 7,700 calories on activities alone, that is, without associating them with a reduction in calories when eating. With that, of course, the effort is greater.

Once again, the need to associate activities with the reduction of caloric intake is reinforced. In this way, burning 7,700 calories (for the loss of 1 kg of fat) will occur much simpler and faster.

17. Walk at a light pace every day (including Saturday and Sunday) for 1 hour for a month;

18. Walk at a very fast pace daily for 15 days;

19. Run at a moderate pace daily for about 25 minutes over the course of 1 month.

20. Practice ballroom dancing for 1 hour or more daily for 1 month.

21. Practice ballet classes daily for 1 hour over 15 days.

22. Play basketball daily for about 50 minutes over 15 days.

23. Practice Boxing classes daily for about 50 minutes over 15 days.

24. Practice capoeira classes daily for about 50 minutes over 15 days.

25. Play soccer daily for about 50 minutes over 15 days.

26. Take aerobics classes from Monday to Friday (ie 5 times a week), about 1 hour a day for a month.

27. Take gymnastics classes from Monday to Friday (ie, 5 times a week), about 1 hour a day, for a month.

28. Play handball daily for about 50 minutes over 15 days.

29. Practice Jiu-jitsu classes daily for about 50 minutes over 15 days.

30. Practice Judo classes daily for about 50 minutes over 15 days.

31. Exercise up and down stairs for about half an hour daily for 15 days.

32. Play tennis for about 1 hour daily for 15 days.

33. Exercise for about 1 hour daily on the gym’s elliptical machine for 15 days.

34. Practice swimming lessons for about 1 hour daily for 14 days.

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35. Practice Stand Up Paddle for about 1 hour daily, from Monday to Friday (over a month).

36. Jump rope for about 40 minutes daily for 26 days.

37. Cycle daily for about 1 hour over the course of 1 month.

38. Do 52 minutes of weight training to burn about 260 calories.

Healthy habits you can adopt

Below are other habits that make you burn about 250 calories and that can help you achieve your weight loss goal. Of course, they must be associated with physical activities and a balanced diet.

39. Take your dog for a walk daily for a month. In a 1 hour walk you can burn about 300 calories.

40. 1 hour of playtime with your dog – such as catching a ball and throwing it for him to catch – can make you burn up to 260 calories. Take the opportunity to do this over the course of a month.

41. Walk to work Monday through Friday. You will probably have good results in weight loss!

42. Have fun while burning calories: Rollerblade for about 52 minutes daily for 1 month.

43. If necessary, clean the house for 1 hour: it is possible to burn about 250 calories with this activity.

44. Do you live in a building? Give up the elevator! Go up and down the stairs daily, whenever you go out and get home!

45. 1 hour washing the car burns about 250 calories. (Of course, you won’t be doing this every day, but this can be a good activity for when your vehicle really needs a cleaning. You’ll be combining the useful with the pleasant).

46. ​​Who said shopping isn’t good for you? In a 1-hour walk at the mall or supermarket, in a moderate walk, it is possible to burn about 250 calories. (You probably won’t do this every day of the month, but every now and then this could be the “activity” of the day.)

47. Ride a horse for about 1.5 hours to burn approximately 260 calories. (This is a great tip to have a good caloric expenditure on a weekend day, when you don’t go to the gym, for example).

48. Go bowling with friends for about 1.5 hours and burn approximately 260 calories. Another great tip to burn calories on a day (or more days) of the weekend!

49. Have sex daily if possible. In 1 hour of practice you can burn about 200 calories!

50. Washing the dishes for about 1 hour after lunch and 1 hour after dinner can burn about 300 calories.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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