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50 I miss you phrases to declare how much I miss you

How much I miss you can’t be explained. My chest hurts just thinking about you.

The longing is always here, but it is during the night that its absence is felt most strongly. When you come back?

I don’t wish anyone what you miss. I go to sleep and wake up wanting to be by your side. I no longer belong, my heart is all yours.

I miss when we had something real and could dream about our future.

You know I miss you and you do nothing to make that feeling go away. I don’t know what else to do, you keep appearing in my thoughts.

I play some songs and they transport me closer to you and for a few minutes it seems that your absence diminishes.

Missing you is the most painful thing in my life and the worst thing is that I can’t even tell you that.

If the longing didn’t hurt, his absence didn’t feel like thorns had been placed in my skin and maybe it would be easier to breathe without this chest pain.

Our memories help me make up for your lack while you’re away. The problem is, they make me want you more.

I miss the moments that don’t come back, but especially those that we can’t live anymore.

It doesn’t make any difference that you know I miss you, because we can’t change the condition we’re in today.

I wait for you as long as it takes, because it’s the sacrifice that proves the love and the lack I miss you is true.

Memories come in a whirlwind and make me remember how much you are missed in my routine.

The clock is my enemy because it shows time passing and nothing from you arrives. Oh, how I miss you.

I miss us so much and what we lived together. If life gives us one more chance, we need to take it.

Every now and then, I miss you more than usual and I want to run out and hug you.

Your love hugs me from afar and helps me deal with the lack you are missing.

Tears fall when I think of you and they are loaded with the pain of longing.

It’s inexplicable how much I miss you and how much it messes with me not having you here. Come back soon please!

I miss you and I want to scream to the world how much I miss you.

Words are not enough to show how much you miss me. Maybe I need to draw for you to understand.

I pretend I don’t care to see if it lessens the pain of missing you.

You can’t know I miss you, but I’ll say it anyway with faith that it will subside.

I’m not going after you to say I miss you because the pain you caused me is even greater than your absence.

I wish you were close to me and that this hole the size of your absence didn’t exist anymore.

I’m crazy to see you and kill the longing with a kiss, that kiss that gets more intense because you stayed away.

My wish was to have you here, even if it was just a little bit. Just to make your absence smaller in my heart.

You’ve been gone for hours and I miss you like you’ll never come back.

I miss you so much. I miss you saying I made you happy. I’m harvesting the storm I made myself. Will I find you one of these days just to tell you that it was with you that I learned to love?

Vanessa Camargo

I not only miss you, but I miss the times when we were happy and I felt fulfilled.

I made the decision not to miss you anymore, but I couldn’t convince my heart.

I want so much to make you happy and be happy by your side. I want so much to feel you with me and not just miss you.

You cannot leave. Just thinking about this idea, I’ve already started to miss you and it’s painful too.

When I walked away from you, I realized that I missed you more than you missed me.

There are smells that remind me of you and make me miss you even more and crazy to see you.

When nostalgia blows in my ear, I miss you.


The worst part is missing you more than you miss me. This is proof of how unfair life is.

I miss you, I can’t wait that long. Our love is new, it’s the old love still and always.


I miss the involuntary doom it was to freeze in your insignificant presence. It was life proving more powerful than me and my lists of right and wrong

Tati Bernardi

I miss you when I wake up, when I live, when I sleep and in every hour of my life.

Baby, I miss you and missing is the death of hope.

Nando Reis

I miss you. When I say that, I feel even more.


I can no longer deny to anyone, not even myself, that your absence is getting more and more painful.

Worse than I miss the kiss. I miss you love.


Honestly, I miss you, but now I’m going to erase you because it’s going to hurt less than having hard feelings.


Every second, your absence hurts. I count the hours to see you and relieve this weight of my heart.

Today there was no electricity in my house and I missed you.

Victor Kley

I miss you when the lights go out, it clears all my doubts.


I miss you, I miss your smile and I still shed tears… You’re still here somehow.

Miley Cyrus

Your kiss I miss so much. How can someone leave such a longing taste on my lips?

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