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50 hime cut photos to know this japanese trend

Asian culture is increasingly present in Western daily life. Examples of her influence are seen in music, fashion, film, television and even skincare. And she is also in the haircut. The hime cut, which communicates tradition and audacity, went viral on Tik Tok, reaching generation Z en masse. See photos of this charming trend!

what is the hime cut

Hime cut was a cut made by high class Japanese women when they reached their 20s. At that age, they cut part of their hair at ear height, symbolizing the passage to adulthood. This tradition was common among princesses and members of the nobility during the Heian era (794 to 1185), hence the name Hime – which means “princess” in Japanese.

The cut creates well-defined layers, which can thin or highlight the face. The traditional creates just two layers and blends in with the Amasogi, shoulder-length cut. Today, the hime cut has many variations, among them the increase in the number of layers starting from bangs at the forehead, ear and shoulders.

But it is not a new trend. In Japan, the cut was popularized by singer Megumi Asaoka in the 70’s. At the same time, singer Cher also adopted the style. Princess cut layers are common in anime characters, which inspire cosplayers around the world. As nothing is lost in the fashion world, the trend is back and is already used by members of girl groups such as Black Pink, Twice and Haim.

Is the hime cut cultural appropriation?

Cultural appropriation is a form of oppression. It is when a hegemonic group appropriates a cultural identity considered inferior and erases its history and symbolism, reconstructing them from its own vision. It is a power relationship that brings protagonism and control of the narrative.

With this concept in mind, it is important to separate appropriation from cultural influence. Consuming anime, dramas or any other eastern cultural product and adopting such customs is a consequence of a connected global society. The problem is when society approves and legitimizes the use in historically powerful groups and depreciates the custom in its origin.

Bringing the hime cut as an example, it would be cultural appropriation if a person or brand took credit for the innovation of the cut, omitting all its history and tradition. This protagonism does not belong to them, but to Japanese culture.

50 hime cut photos to inspire you

Next, see how the layers of the hime cut create different and new cuts within this Japanese style. Realize that colors are powerful allies when it comes to highlighting layers and they can make all the difference!

1. The colorful hime cut is an amazing trend

2. The colors brighten up the layers and bring a modern look

3. Another symbol of modernity is long hair

4. Very common in anime characters, like Misa Amane, from Death Note

5. They allow new hairstyles and highlight the fringes even more

6. Unlike the “frijão”, its cut is straight

7. Actually, the entire cut is done like this

8. But this tip is a charm in the look

9. Here, the bangs help to thin the face

10. In this hime cut, it is the shredded that gives the cut lightness

11. Undoubtedly, it is a great option for those who like change

12. But it can also be a super-romantic cut

13. Full of sweetness and sweetness

14. Superfeminine

15. It’s elegant

16. You can start by risking less

17. With a chin cut

18. Or with bangs, very soft girl

19. Decreasing the length is also a good option

20. For those who like it very short

21. This hime cut reminds me of high school girls

22. It’s pure Japanese culture

23. Although most of the inspirations are straight hair

24. Any kind of yarn can adopt it

25. Including curly ones

26. And the wavy ones too

27. Hair is an extension of who we are

28. Not the right age to show it

29. Not even the right hair type

30. The best cut is the one you like to wear

31. And what makes you happy with the choice

32. After all, it’s your hair

33. The shorter hime cut may look like the wolf cut

34. Because of the low volume near the neck and the peaked

35. And it can be similar to a beaked chanel

36. Depending on the angle, you have more than one cut

37. Is it or isn’t it a super versatile idea?

38. It’s impossible not to love

39. Lilac shades are the darlings of girls

40. Look at this detail on the fringe

41. You can color all your hair, friend

42. The Gothic style also adopts the hime cut

43. Black hair is the majority in this look

44. They make the look more sober

45. An accessory can completely change the mood

46. ​​Do you already understand that the hime cut squanders Japanese culture

47. It’s tradition and contemporaneity side by side

48. So if you like this trend, wear it!

49. Your style, your rules

50. Have fun with your hime cut!

Looking for a new cut? If you liked the hime cut, but you’re still not sure if it’s ideal, check out where to find haircut simulators to choose the one that best highlights your face!

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