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50 essential items in women’s wardrobe

Clothes, shoes and accessories are very personal items, however, there are some specific pieces that can be very useful in any woman’s wardrobe.

This is the case with the little black dress, the basic black dress, it is for those occasions when you need to be well-groomed but don’t know what to wear. Being smooth, it’s easy to change “his face” with different accessories, bags and shoes.

Another classic example of a garment that is adaptable and very useful is skinny jeans. If you pair it with a basic t-shirt and sneakers, you have a look ready for any informal occasion. Add some pumps and a neat blouse and you’re ready for a stylish happy hour. So it’s really worth having one.

In addition, it is also important to invest in a bag that matches “with everything”, an earring that goes well with any look and basic sneakers to wear with clothes of different colors.

It is also worth mentioning that these basic items, when purchased in neutral colors such as black, gray and nude, will be easier to combine in any style.

With the 50 pieces listed below, your wardrobe will already have what it takes to put together at least one type of look for each occasion, so you’ll be less likely to be in doubt when putting together any look and you’ll also be prepared for events. that come at the last minute.

Now that you know what are the items that will save you in the time of need, check your personal collection and make sure you are already prepared and stocked with the main items needed by women.

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