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50 birthday phrases for a friend-sister that praise this friendship

Life made us friends, but we are more than that, we are sisters at heart! Happy Birthday! May it be an amazing year.

The best company for all hours is birthday today! I am grateful to God for putting us on the same path. Congratulations on your day, friend!

How lucky I am to have you as a friend and sister. You are the perfect companion and the best support I have ever had. I wish you an amazing and blessed year. Happy Birthday!

You are my beautiful friend, my soul sister and my accomplice. Life will be good with you this year. Cheers!

I am grateful to God for your life and for sharing amazing moments by your side. May your year be blessed, my friend-sister. Cheers!

Today is a party day, because it’s the birthday of my favorite person in the world. Congratulations, my friend! May it be a year of even more partnership between the two of us.

Being my friend-sister, I can only wish you the best and the most beautiful. Congratulations, best!

You deserve peace, love, joys and conquer all your dreams. Thank you for being my friend and my sister at heart. Congratulations!

There were so many adventures having you as my partner. May life have a lot more in store for us, friend! Enjoy your day. Happy Birthday!

We’re so alike that people think we’re sisters. And in the end, we really are! Happy Birthday! Love you.

I wish your years to be long, friend, and that as a sister, I will be present in all of them. Love you. Congratulations on your new cycle!

In my heart, you are not only my best friend, you are also my sister. What a joy to have you with me! Happy Birthday!

Your life will be full of light, peace, love and joy, because these are the feelings you carry in your heart, friend. Congratulations!

You deserve a wonderful birthday and an even more special year. Congratulations, sister friend! Count on me for absolutely everything.

I don’t even remember what my life was like before you arrived. You are my light and my joy at all times. Congratulations on your day! Thanks for the friendship.

Friend, for your new cycle, I wish that we stay even closer together. Happy Birthday!

My sister friend, the world needs to know how wonderful you are! May this be the year of your success. Congratulations!

I have only the best wishes for you, friend. You are my heart sister and I always root for your happiness. Congratulations!

I wish happiness to be constant in your days, friend, as well as my presence. Congratulations!

I want to see you happy, smiling and having fun, because that makes me feel good too. Enjoy your day, my friend-sister. Love you!

I have no words to thank you for having you in my life. God was very good to me, friend, when he gave you to be my sister. May your new cycle be very blessed!

You make my life more special. Your gift is to be the best friend there is. Congratulations on your day! Love you.

We do everything together since we were little and it’s like we’re real sisters. May your year be filled with peace, love and joy. Love you!

My dear friend-sister, may your new cycle be filled with everything that makes you feel good, including my friendship. Congratulations!

May my friendship be the gift that never goes away and may you always be happy. I love you! Congratulations!

Knowing that you are happy makes me radiant, sister friend! So, I wish you all the best for your year, because that’s all that matters!

I’m very lucky and I know it. Thank you for our friendship and complicity. Have a beautiful birthday, sister-friend!

My friend and my sister in one person, I’m so lucky to have you! Shine bright in this new cycle. Cheers!

Friend-sister, may you be happy every day of your life and may you know that you can always count on me. Happy Birthday!

I asked God to give you a beautiful day full of good surprises. May all this extend to your entire year. Congratulations, sister friend!

Friend, I know that you will shine and conquer everything you dream of, because you are extremely capable. Congratulations on your birthday, sis!

It’s so rare to find friendships like ours. You are a precious and rare gem, my sister friend! May you be very happy and blessed always. Congratulations!

Sister friend, may you have the strength to accomplish everything you desire. Your dreams are worthy and will come true. Happy Birthday!

You don’t need to have the same blood to be a sister, you just need to have true feeling. And that, we have plenty. Congratulations, best!

I just want to thank you for the good you do me and how much you complete my life with happiness. Congratulations, sister friend!

Friend, may your day be enlightened and filled with all that is good, especially our friendship. Happy Birthday!

Friend, I just want to thank you for your partnership and for always being by my side. You’re the best! Congratulations, little sister of the heart!

May the special moments be the most present in your life, friend! You deserve. Congratulations!

Your pure heart welcomed me as a sister and I will always be grateful for that. You are the best person there is. Cheers!

More than a friend, you are like a sister and the person who understands me the most in the world. May we celebrate this date for many years to come. Congratulations!

I only wish you happiness, peace, love and blessings in your year, my friend. You are the sister that I never had, but that I always want to be around. Congratulations!

When I look at you, I can only feel gratitude for everything we’ve lived together and for what we’re still going to live. Happy birthday, sister friend!

My friend, you are also my sister and my soulmate. Our date was the best thing that ever happened to me! Happy Birthday!

You are the best friend, sister and confidant I could ever have! Thank you for understanding me and loving me as I am. Congratulations on your day!

We are side by side in every moment of life, because we never let go. Our friendship is eternal. Happy birthday, sister friend!

When we say we are sisters, everyone believes it because it is the purest truth. I just want your good, friend. Happy Birthday!

We grew up together and shared many moments. May it continue to be so, my friend-sister. Congratulations on your day!

Your gift is to be my sister friend, and that’s no use even arguing. I love you, best! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on being the person who completes me, teaches me and inspires me. I love you, sister friend! Happy Birthday.

This will be a year full of good surprises in your life. Congratulations on your new cycle, friend, sister and confidant!

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