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50 best comedy movies to watch and laugh a lot

Who doesn’t love a lazy weekend with a couch, TV and a bucket of popcorn? To accompany all this, nothing better than a good comedy movie to laugh and relax. If you need directions, you’re in the right place! Check out a list of the best comedy movies, with light and fun plots to make you laugh!

Brazilian comedy films

National cinema has good titles when it comes to comedy films. Meet some Brazilian productions and laugh understanding all the jokes:

1. My Life on Mars (2018)

Fernanda’s marriage is in crisis and her inseparable friend, Aníbal, will help her friend to overcome this phase. For this, the two decide to embark on a trip to New York. The film is very entertaining and features the performances of Mônica Martelli and Paulo Gustavo.

2. The Farofeiros (2018)

Four work friends decide to enjoy the long holiday together in a beach house in Búzios. What they didn’t expect is that the destination, in fact, was Maringuaba and that the rented residence was falling apart. Other than that, the beach is always full, which is a full plate for confusion.

3. My Mother is a Piece 3 (2019)

In this third film, Dona Hermínia needs to learn to deal with her children, forming her own family. With good humor and relaxation, this supermom will try to face all the changes in the best way possible. And, of course, she will take some time to enjoy life with her friends without worrying about the kids.

4. Help, I Became a Girl (2019)

During one night, Júlio, a shy and practically invisible boy at school, makes an unusual request for a shooting star: he wants to be the most popular person in school. After that, Júlio transforms into Júlia and will need to learn to deal with the female body and the popularity of his new self.

5. Up Close She’s Not Normal (2020)

After her daughters leave home, Suzie decides to go for the life she’s always dreamed of. A new look and attitude mark the new phase of Suzie, who tries to become a successful and accomplished woman. This movie will guarantee good laughs, with scenes full of fun and beyond funny!

6. It’s Alright Christmas To Come (2020)

Jorge is a grumpy boy who hates Christmas and does everything he can to avoid Christmas celebrations and preparations. On a Christmas Eve, he suffers a domestic accident, starts to wake up only on the eve of the holiday and doesn’t remember anything about what he lived during the year. A Netflix original national comedy, this movie is super fun to watch with the family, even outside the Christmas season.

7. Carnival (2021)

In this comedy, digital influencer Nina discovers her boyfriend’s betrayal and decides to travel to Salvador to enjoy Carnival with her friends. On this trip, she ends up rediscovering what it’s like to live real life alongside true friendships. The film addresses current topics, such as the life of social networks and internet cancellation, with a light plot and good adventures.

8. The Perfect Mother-in-Law (2021)

The film tells the story of Neide, a recently divorced woman who wants to enjoy her single life. However, she needs to fix her youngest son, who still lives in her house. So, Neide decides to find a wife for his son, training an employee of his salon. This comedy stars actress Cacau Protásio and has a release date for September 2021. It is certainly a film worth keeping an eye on.

Comedy movies to watch on Netflix

Netflix is ​​a very popular streaming service and has several comedy movies in its catalog. Check out some titles you can find on Netflix below and put them on your list of movies to watch:

9. I’m Not An Easy Man (2018)

Damien ends up hitting his head on a pole while hiking. Upon waking up, he is faced with an inverted society in which women dominate all positions of power. Also, he clashes with a girl he was interested in before the change, because she ends up turning into a female version of Damien.

10. Mystery in the Mediterranean (2019)

Nick and Audrey decide to go on a honeymoon after 15 years of marriage. During the flight, Audrey meets a millionaire who invites the couple to enjoy a few days in Monaco aboard a ship. What they didn’t expect is that they would be involved in an investigation of a murder that took place on the ship.

11. The Wrong Missy (2020)

Tim Morris has an accidental encounter with the woman of his dreams, Melissa. After several messages, he decides to invite her to a work event in Hawaii. However, Tim discovers that he was texting the wrong person and ends up meeting another woman at the airport.

12. Pajamas Mission (2020)

During a sleepover, two brothers realize their parents have been kidnapped. Alongside their friends, they discover that the mother is a former thief. So the gang team up on a mission to rescue the parents. The quiet night with friends turns into an adventure full of action and good laughs.

13. Single (2020)

Dieno is a woman who dreams of getting married, but her relationships don’t work out. So, she ends up lovingly disillusioned and decides to enjoy the single life. The woman goes on to live several adventures and very funny situations next to a friend who loves life without commitments.

14. The Mitchell Family and the Revolt of the Machines (2021)

In this fun animation, the Mitchell family decides to take a trip to take their oldest daughter to college. The family’s plans are interrupted by the robots, who have started a revolution. Amidst the chaos, the Michell family is humanity’s only hope to save the world from the machines.

15. At Second Sight (2021)

After spending years dedicating herself fully to her career, Andrea seems to find her ideal match: a handsome, smart and cool man. However, Andrea’s friend, Margot, is suspicious of the boy and decides to investigate him to make sure he is not deceiving her friend.

16. Goats of the Plague (2021)

Two police officers are forced to work together on an investigation to save Celestina, a goat considered to be Ceará’s heritage. The duo ends up discovering that the animal’s kidnapping is related to the criminal actions of a famous drug dealer. Together, the cops will try to solve this crime to prove they deserve the police badge.

17. Bad Trip (2021)

Chris and Bud embark on a road trip across the United States to reconnect with an old love of Chris’s. At every moment of the trip, the duo gets into trouble. The differential of this film is that the extras are real people and the confusions are in the form of pranks. That is, laughter is guaranteed with this title!

romantic comedy movies

Romantic comedies combine the best of both worlds: love and fun. See below perfect options to melt your heart and fall in love:

18. Love on the Divan (2016)

The couple Miguel and Roberta are having a marriage in crisis and seek the help of renowned psychologist Malka Stein to try to understand each other. What the psychologist did not expect is that, with the arrival of this new couple, she realizes that her own marriage is in crisis.

19. Love Sick (2017)

In this romantic comedy, Kumail and Emily fall in love in Chicago, but soon come into conflict over cultural differences. After a period, Emily contracts an unexpected illness, which will make Kumail struggle to resolve the conflict between his family’s culture and his heart.

20. With Love, Simon (2018)

This movie is an adaptation of the book Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda and tells the story of 17-year-old Simon, who has yet to tell his family and friends about his sexuality. The young man starts exchanging emails with an anonymous classmate from high school and ends up falling in love. However, a blackmailer discovers Simon’s relationship and ends up exposing his secret to everyone.

21. Unlikely Couple (2019)

Journalist Fred reunites with his old nanny, Charlotte Field, who is US Secretary of State and presidential candidate. To help with her campaign, Charlotte hires Fred to write her speeches, but an unexpected romance develops between them.

22. The Perfect Date (2019)

Young Brooks needs money for college, so he decides to create an app where he is hired to be someone’s boyfriend for one night. After many encounters, Brooks finds it difficult to incorporate a new personality each day and begins to question who he really is.

23. My Eternal Maybe (2019)

Sasha is a renowned chef who returns to her hometown of San Francisco to open a restaurant. She ends up meeting Marcus, a friend and old flame of Sasha’s. The attraction between the two still exists, however they need to resolve past issues.

24. Airplane Mode (2020)

Ana is a very successful digital influencer and takes social media work very seriously. After a car accident due to lack of attention, the young woman’s parents decide to send her to the countryside to spend some time at her grandfather’s house. With no internet connection, Ana is forced to slow down and find herself in her new life.

25. Love Without a Date (2020)

Sloane and Jackson are single and are under family pressure to find a date. After meeting at a Christmas party, the two make a deal: they will be each other’s escort on special dates for a year. Thus, the pretend couple embarks on several fun situations and, at the end of the year, they realize that they are closer than they imagined.

26. Madness of Love (2021)

Adri and Carla spend an amazing night together. But the next day, Adri wants to have more information about Carla in order to find the girl again. He finds out that she lives in a psychiatric center and, in order to see her again, he decides to commit himself too. The film is a differentiated Romance comedy that explores important themes, such as mental disorders and love.

Comedy movies to watch as a family

Nothing beats getting the family together to watch a light and fun movie. Here are some movies to watch as a family that will guarantee a good laugh:

27. Surviving Parties with Relatives (2018)

Miranda and Lyla are sisters and are reunited with their families for Christmas at their parents’ country house. During the holidays, chaos will engulf the house, spoiling the families’ vacation plans. In very amusing situations, the old rivalry between sisters resurfaces to further sabotage the holiday season.

28. Monica’s Gang – Ties (2019)

The most famous gang in Brazil won a new movie. In it, Monica and her friends go in search of Floquinho, who has mysteriously disappeared. In a task full of adventures and infallible plans, Monica’s Gang will guarantee good family moments, showing the importance of friendship.

29. Cinderella Pop (2019)

Cíntia Dorella is discredited in love when she sees her father cheating on her mother. Determined to focus on her dream, Cíntia moves in with her aunt and tries to become a successful DJ. What she least expected was meeting a prince charming and a stepmother along the way.

30. Spy Apprentice (2020)

CIA agent JJ ​​is demoted from…

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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