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5 tips and tutorials to learn how to wash clothes perfectly

Want to learn, once and for all, how to wash clothes? This is not a difficult task, but it does require small details to get your clothes clean. Check out the entire process step by step, as well as tutorial videos explaining, in practice, how to wash your pieces correctly. Let’s learn?

How to wash clothes step by step

From sorting parts to checking the cleanliness of clothes, there is a way to go in the laundry process. Check out the step by step and learn how to wash clothes so you never miss again.

1. Separating the parts

It is important that colored items are washed separately from light items and dark items. Thus, unwanted stains and lost clothes are avoided.

2. Washing fine fabrics by hand

Hand wash the finest fabrics. The washing machine can damage more fragile parts. Soak the parts for a few hours in the washing powder and fabric softener. After the sauce, rub the pieces well and put them to dry.

3. Soaking the parts

A super tip on how to wash clothes is to soak them overnight in the washing machine. In this way, the dirt of the pieces moves more easily and when you start the wash, the clothes are clean quickly. Leave your pieces in the water with soap powder and fabric softener and then start washing.

4. Programming washing in the washing machine

To wash your clothes, you will need to program the wash according to the amount of clothes and/or type of fabric. Machines typically work in three ways: quick wash, regular wash and slow wash, so select the type that suits your garments.

5. Check your parts

After washing, check that the garments are well washed, that they still contain soap, etc. If you think you need a water-only wash, wash again. With everything right, just hang it up or put it in the dryer!

Did you see? It’s not a simple task, but it’s not difficult either. Want to learn how to wash clothes with the help of some tutorial videos? See all the tips in the next topic.

Videos to learn how to wash clothes once and for all

If through the step by step you still don’t feel firm for this task, check out the videos below, some ways to wash clothes that can help you wash your clothes and your whole family.

All about machine washing

Flávia will help you understand how your machine works and will also give you all the tips to make your clothes always impeccable. See in the video!

Tutorial: definitely learn to wash clothes

In this video you will learn from scratch how to wash clothes. If you’ve come this far with no idea how to do it, in this video you’ll learn. Products, parts separation and many other tips!

Learn to wash white clothes

Want to learn how to make your white clothes even whiter? Talita will show you how she washes towels and bedding in her house. Check it all out and see how it is possible to make your clothes very white and fragrant.

3 secrets to beautifully washed colorful clothes

Cris prepared a video that will help you wash your colorful and dark clothes in a way that they don’t fade so quickly. Want to know what her three secrets are? Check it out in the video.

Did you like to learn how to wash clothes? It’s never too late to check out washing hacks, right? Washing clothes is not a seven-headed bug: it just requires attention to a few details to have impeccable clothes. Want more tips? Check out how to clean the stove and preserve your meal companion.

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