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5 things not to do when dating

Every beginning of a relationship is a new discovery, full of surprises and also full of uncontrollable desires and desires. But you have to be careful with impulses at the beginning so you don’t sabotage the relationship and undermine something that could be very nice for both of you.

In order for you to avoid making common mistakes that many of us make at the beginning of the relationship and to avoid frustrations and fights, we have listed the 5 attitudes that you should not have at the beginning of the relationship, check them out below.

What to avoid at the beginning of dating?

1 – Going to the pot very thirsty

Wanting the guy to stay by your side 24 hours is a clear example of exaggeration committed at the beginning of the relationship. Be patient and wait, little by little you will start to spend more time together – as you create more intimacy and affective bonds.

Demanding too much from your partner from the start can give the impression that he will never be able to meet all your demands and this can greatly discourage your partner. So conquer your space and your dating perks little by little.

2 – Being possessive and controlling

Don’t want him to give you a complete report of what he does and with whom, much less expect him to stop doing his things for you. The same goes for you, try to preserve your wishes and commitments with friends and family.

As time goes on, you’ll know better what each other does, so there’s no reason to despair and want to control him in the first month of dating. Admittedly, exaggerations at any time of dating are not welcome. So prefer to avoid possessiveness and excessive jealousy during the relationship.

3 – Making too many plans

Try not to plan your wedding at your first romantic dinner, this can scare the guy. Making too many plans early on in your relationship can also frustrate you if they don’t come to fruition. So avoid it so it doesn’t get bad for either of you.

4 – Relax in personal care

Just because you’re together doesn’t mean you need to stop dressing up, right? Remember that men with girlfriends are an appetizing attraction for single women and you don’t want to lose your cat to someone else.

Keep the waxing up to date and take good care of the look and if he relaxes, give the guy a touch, after all it’s not just the woman who should dedicate herself to always being presentable for her boyfriend. He also needs to take care of himself.

5 – Wanting to discuss the relationship all the time

Perhaps this is not yet the time to want to discuss the relationship. Get to know each other better, let the relationship mature a little and when everything is in order, it will be easier to analyze with reason the characteristics of the relationship.

Starting dating with multiple DRs can discourage not only him but you as well and make dating heavy. Be patient and wait for things to get better with time, after all, it’s just the beginning and you still have a lot to learn together.

These suggestions can also be useful to maintain harmony throughout the courtship and even in the marriage, after all, being restrained helps to keep the relationship more peaceful and lasting. Avoid excesses and try to encourage your partner to adopt this line of thinking as well, and it will make life easier for both of you.

So, follow the tips and have an even better relationship, avoiding unnecessary fights and enjoying the beginning of the relationship in a pleasant way to get to know each other better.

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