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5 styling pomade options to rock the hairstyle

Modeling ointment is one of the most used products by beauty professionals. It is suitable for both straight strands and curly or curly hair. How about knowing more about the function of this product and what are the best brands available on the market? Check out tips and reviews below!

What is the modeling ointment used for?

The modeling ointment has a thick and dry texture. It is used to structure, style and finish hairstyles. The product is suitable for those who want a well-fixed hairstyle. Unlike gel, which leaves the hairstyle looking stiff and wet, the pomade is much lighter and has a natural finish.

The best modeling ointments

Are you in doubt about which modeling ointment to choose? Next, check out the 5 best brands, according to the evaluation of users who tested the products and talked about their particularities:

1. Shoxx Modeling Ointment – $

The first ointment on the list combines good value for money and great quality. Shoxx’s product has a matte effect and was developed to model hairstyles with a natural result. The ointment can be used on all hair types and applied to damp or completely dry strands. Removing the product is very simple: just wash your hair with running water and the usual shampoo.

“I recommend it to you because I liked the baby hair, I think it made my life easier than when I do it with gel glue. It dries very quickly and I liked the scent a lot. So I will recommend it to you!” – Cindy Britto

2. Modeling Ointment G10 Premium Grape Extra Strong – $

If you need a pomade that holds your hairstyle longer, the product from G10 fulfills this role. The pomade fixes the hairstyle well, as it has an extra strong hold. Modeling can be done dry quickly and practically. In addition, this ointment has a moisturizing function and leaves the hair silky and natural looking.

“This G10 is a little shiny pomade, but it doesn’t get shiny on the hair, ok people! What happens with this ointment: it’s very wonderful, it doesn’t leave whiteness, it doesn’t dry the hair, it’s perfect and it cleans very well”. – Atelier Luane Valente

3. Porcelain Threads Triskle Modeling Ointment – ​​$$

Triskle’s ointment, in addition to the main function of modeling and fixing hairstyles, seals the hair fiber cuticle, hydrates and vitalizes the wires. Just apply an appropriate amount for your hair type and finish as you wish.

“This ointment is not oily, it does not add shine and does not leave a wet effect. It is dry, it stays a little firmer in the hair, but it doesn’t give that gel effect that the hair gets stiff from being so hard!” – Makeup by Nanda

4. Lola Cosmetics Cereal Killer Modeling Ointment – ​​$$$

Lola Cosmetics has several hair care products, and is one of the brands that most appeals to the female audience. Of course, it also developed a styling ointment to aid in shaping and fixing hairstyles. The product is released for No and Low Poo techniques, it has a natural finish with a lot of shine and long lasting.

“She is a vegan ointment, cruelty free, so, for those looking for this type of more natural product, it is great. Here on the package it says to use with damp hair and it really works. I’ve already used it with damp hair and it has the effect of leaving the hair a little stiff, but it doesn’t look too hard, it looks beautiful, a little wet!” – Mahh Pereira

5. Salon Line Keratin Hair Food Professional Pomade – $$$

Salon Line ointment was created especially for those who have straightened or relaxed hair. It has the function of nourishing and protecting the scalp while the hairstyle is structured. In addition, the product has keratin, nano-regeneration complex and macadamia in its formula – components that strengthen and give resistance to the wires without leaving them looking heavy.

“Today I did hydration and restructuring of my hair, so to give it a little more shine, protection and even to keep my hair shiny, I apply it. Here’s a tip for you to dissolve it in hydration or if you want to sleep and protect your hair a little, on a daily basis before doing a hairstyle, it’s super useful! – Fe Oliveira

Now that you’ve checked out the characteristics and opinions about the best styling pomade brands, it’s just a matter of choosing the right one for you and getting that powerful hairstyle. Enjoy and check out hair mousse tips, another product option that models and leaves the wires in place!

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