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5 Signs He’s In Love

Despite not seeming like it, men give several clear signs that they’re totally into a woman when they really are. In addition to the classic silly face they usually make when looking at the loved one, there are other alerts that scream “I am madly in love with you”, check out some that we identified.

1 – He likes to talk to you

When he likes to spend hours talking to you, not caring if they are talking about serious matters or nonsense or even when you feel that you can talk to him about any subject and you will know that he will not judge you, that is a strong sign that the cat is completely in love with you.

For him, what matters is being next to the one he loves, no matter what the subject is. If he even likes to be silent in his presence, just enjoying the moment, you can be sure the cat is crazy about you.

2 – He admires you and makes a point of showing it

You know that guy that when he talks about his girlfriend his eyes sparkle? The one who counts the things his girlfriend does as if they were one of the wonders of the world, even the simplest things she does? This is a man in love. He admires his girlfriend’s every simple gesture and always sees her with good eyes.

3 – He makes plans for the future with you

You can bet that if the cat is talking about how he loves children and dreams of having a child with you in the future, he is in love with you. Men who aren’t in love would very rarely make plans for the future with a woman, unless it was to use it as bait to win her over. And if that’s not the case, chances are he’s really in love with you.

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4 – He takes you to meet his family

Do you think any man who isn’t genuinely interested would take his girlfriend to meet the family? Certainly not. If he took you to see his little sister’s theater performance or if he took you to dinner with his parents, it’s certain that the guy loves you very much and wants something serious with you. Is there a more obvious sign that he loves you?

5 – He stays by your side even in difficult times

It’s not easy to be by someone’s side in difficult times like PMS, days when she’s stressed or even worse, when there’s a loss in the family or when business goes down and if the cat is with you even in these difficult times, surely he is not with you as a joke. If he agrees to be with you in good times and also in bad, you can bet he loves you.

Anyway, if you notice any or more of these signs in the cat you are interested in, go ahead because this relationship is very likely to be very good for both of you.

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