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5 reasons to join the boho chic wedding trend in 2016

Sumptuous weddings marked by a lot of ostentation are losing space for more relaxed and lightly decorated events. The boho style emerged in the United States in the early 2000s and made a comeback in the last year. It unites elements of the hippie, rocker and ethnic movements in a modern way.

Here are 5 reasons to join the trend and have a Pinterest-worthy wedding:

1. Stylish grooms, bridesmaids and pages

When it comes to the bride’s look, forget about oversized and embroidered dresses. In the boho style, the bride’s dress is light, with a hippie chic reference. The fabrics used must be fluid or lacy. For hair, the best alternatives are flower crowns or headbands. Children also shine with delicate looks. For men, the choice is a suit with a modern cut or just suspenders.

2. Intimate decor and delicate details

The minimalist and romantic decor is part of the boho chic look. Invest in cages, baskets, Moroccan lanterns, bows and lots of flowers. It is also not necessary to spend a fortune on noble flowers. Field versions are more economical and create beautiful arrangements.

The sweets and the cake are simple, without fondant decoration. The naked cake style goes well with this style of celebration.

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3. Possibility of versatile structure

The boho style goes well with daytime weddings, especially those held in open spaces, such as farms, farms and beaches. Another alternative is to organize celebrations in gardens or backyards. The altar for the ceremony can be decorated with a gazebo, pergola or portal decorated with flowers and fabrics.

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4. Reusable materials

One of the assets of the boho chic style is the use of reused materials. Crates, pallets, old ceramics and other types of recycled materials can be used as supports for sweets and flowers. The ecofriendly proposal adds more charm to the look of the event. In boho style, rustic details interact with vintage and reused elements, in a romantic, light and minimalist way.

Decoration credit: Thai Marins Event Planner/Photos via Pinterest: Larissa Guimarães

5. The focus of the celebration is family unity

In weddings, the style proposal is a more intimate and personal event, with clear references to the history of the family itself. Picture frames with photos from parents’ weddings and decorative items from relatives’ homes are just a few ways to pay homage to loved ones. There are also no separate tables. Families come together to celebrate together.

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