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5 menstrual calendar apps to track your cycle and make your life easier

Knowing the right date of menstruation, the fertile period, avoiding or planning a pregnancy, monitoring symptoms such as cramps or headaches… All these are important information for the health of any woman. And technology can be an ally in these moments.

Some mobile applications have been developed precisely to fulfill this function of monitoring the menstrual cycle, helping women to better control this stage. Many are free and easy to use, just install on your cell phone and fill in your details.

Before choosing which one is best for your lifestyle and what you need, check out information about five great apps:

1. OvuView

Available for free for Android devices, it allows you to obtain data related to the entire menstrual cycle and, from them, create graphs, among other resources. The app shows the approximate dates of the next periods, usually very effectively and with a small margin of error, and also points out the period of fertility and ovulation. Thus, it can even function as a design control. The downside is that it doesn’t have password protection in the free version (there is a paid version, with more features).

2. Maya

It works like a calendar, in which it is only necessary to mark the first and last day of the period, so that the application itself does all the control work. It also allows notes to be entered about the symptoms of each day, be it colic, bad mood, among others. Each symptom is represented by an icon and the entire interface of the app is cute and easy to understand. It is available for free in Portuguese for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, but it shows some advertisements in the footer, which can be annoying.

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3. Glow

Easy to use and useful for those who want to have more precise control over their fertile period, whether to plan a pregnancy or to avoid it. Among the functions offered are the calendar and a fertility tracker, which generates information about the cycle, shows a forecast of the chances of getting pregnant and has an alert to warn you about some dates, which are usually accurate. It also makes it possible to record the physical activities practiced and the calories ingested. It works for Android and iOS, but is only available in English.

4. Clue

Available for Android and iOS, it has some questions that must be answered as soon as the app is installed, such as cycle length, date of last period, among others. For each answer, an explanation is displayed and, based on this data, the calculation of the next cycle is made. It also allows you to enter information about pain, bleeding volume, mood swings, emotions, and warns about the period in which it is possible to get pregnant. It’s free and has a simple to use interface.

5. Menstrual Calendar

It marks the monthly dates of menstruation and, from them, calculates the average duration of the last three cycles, to arrive at the date of the next one. It is also possible to track ovulation days, make notes and create notes that can be useful in medical appointments, in addition to maintaining weight control. It’s simple and free and available for Android.

Each of the apps has its specific features, but they all serve the main point, which is to get to know your menstrual cycle better and be able to keep track of important dates, helping to maintain your health and sex life.

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The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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