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5 Habits That Are Slowly Destroying Your Relationship


Everyone thinks that lies, infidelity, indifference and self-indulgence are the factors that most destroy relationships today. However, there are things that often go unnoticed and that are much more harmful to the relationship.

These 5 things we blog I fell in love we’ll show you now, have been slowly destroying relationships. The good news is that there is still time for you to identify them in your relationship and change your stance!

1- Not having a social life outside the relationship

“Our lifeless bodies will rot together for all eternity”

When you start isolating and distancing yourself more and more from your friends and family, spending most of your time with your partner, it’s time to start worrying. Happy couples are those who live with more people and respect their partner’s space and intimacy.

2- They don’t help with homework

One study confirmed that couples who share household chores fairly have more sex than selfish couples. If one of you works too hard and the other is a bed bug, resentment is very likely to start to build up and damage your relationship. The secret is to try a little harder: if cleaning is very important to you, ask your partner for help with affection so that he shares this task. If washing a plate after dinner is difficult for you, try to work for the good of your relationship!

3- They don’t have enough physical contact

You don’t have to have sex every day to keep the flame burning. Hugs, kisses and caresses show your partner how important he is to you.

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4- Don’t do a DR (Discuss the Relationship)

“Speaking constantly is not necessarily communicating”

There may come a time when communication in the relationship boils down to asking how the other person’s day was. However, some types of questions to ask can help your relationship to improve: “What can we do today to improve our relationship?”, “What would you like me to do for you?”, “What can I do to improve?”…

5- They feel less and less like a couple

If the only thing holding you together is your kids (if any), your electricity, gas, phone bills, or some miscellaneous arguments, it’s time to plan a change in position. Some things you can do to strengthen your relationship are: Working out together, going to a dance class together, running together, learning a musical instrument together, etc.


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