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5 detox mask options to have soft and renewed skin

Keeping your skin hydrated, refreshing and soft is all good, isn’t it? What if we tell you that the detox mask promises all this? Were you curious? So read on and find out what the function of this mask is, how to use it and the brands most recommended by bloggers.

Detox mask: what is it for and benefits of this product

The word detox refers to cleansing and eliminating toxins from the body. With the detox mask, then, it is no different, because its function is to deeply cleanse and eliminate toxins from the skin, leaving it invigorated. Here are the benefits of this product:

  • Deep cleaning: its detox action provides deep cleaning, leaving the skin healthier by eliminating impurities.
  • Fighting oiliness: by cleaning deeply, the detox mask helps to control the oiliness of the skin, maintaining a uniform appearance and reducing pimples.
  • Renews the appearance of the skin: the use of a detox mask promotes the renewal of skin cells, leaving it revitalized.

There are several benefits to make the skin softer, refreshing and healthy. All the best, isn’t it?

4 simple steps on how to use the detox mask to renew the skin

Now that you know what it is for and what the benefits of this product are, we are going to teach you how to use it. See how simple it is:

  • Apply a layer of the mask on clean skin, avoiding the mouth and eyes;
  • Let the mask act for 10 to 20 minutes, respecting the maximum time indicated on the package;
  • Rinse with warm water;
  • Do this process 1 or 2 times for 7 days, depending on your skin type.
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Practical, isn’t it? You can even organize your skincare routine and include the detox mask in this process. But remember: more sensitive skins need a longer interval between one mask and another.

5 best detox masks with reviews

How about getting to know the best brands recommended by bloggers, in addition to checking out the reviews of each one? Read on to learn more and choose your favorite mask.

1. L’Oréal Paris Detox Mask – $$$

This mask contains three pure clays, which are combined with red seaweed extract, leaving it with skin-renewing properties. The clay removes impurities and dead cells, leaving the skin radiant. The application is quick and easy, and the texture of the mask does not dry out the skin.

“During the application, I didn’t feel any discomfort, nor tugging, nor burning. The application is super smooth and it performs very well. After rinsing the skin was very fine, with that satiny shine of clean and very silky skin! My pores are GONE! I thought the mask was excellent” – Bia Munstein

2. Vult Detox Mask – $$

Do you have oily skin or do you suffer from acne? So this is the perfect mask! That’s because it has charcoal in its composition, controls oil and prevents the proliferation of the bacteria responsible for acne. It still has probiotic technology, antiseptic formula and is oil free.

“The Vult Detox Face Mask delivers on everything it promises. That is, it makes the skin more hydrated and free from conditions such as blackheads and pimples, so it is very interesting. Regarding the price, as I mentioned in the previous topic, if you are going to compare with similar products, it is worth investing in it. Thus, the cost is not too high and your skin will benefit from the application of the cosmetic.” – Bea Furtado

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3. Caudalie Detox Mask- $$$$$

Already this eliminates the toxic and accumulated impurities, compressing the pores and leaving the appearance of the skin uniform. With a creamy texture, application is easy and very practical. In addition to everything, her scent is wonderful, with botanical and calming notes of lavender, chamomile and parsley.

“So from the first day I feel that it is a very gentle but effective mask to get clean and clear skin. It is without a doubt my favorite mask for deeper cleansing and I recommend it especially to anyone with dry skin looking for a non-drying cleanse.” – Catherine

4. Mary Kay Detox Mask – $$$$

Mary Kay Detox Mask contains activated charcoal, clay and botanical extracts, all to remove impurities, control oil and maintain skin evenness. It cleanses deeply and leaves the skin looking drier, in addition to having a creamy texture that is easy to remove and extracts of rosemary and mint, providing refreshment.

“I used it, and amazed! In the first application I already saw results. Amazing again, the product tube is big and yields, like, A LOT! At least 6 months, then it’s worth the investment, don’t you think?” – Tai

5. O Boticário Detox Mask – $$$$

Finally, the Boticário mask contains activated charcoal and promises instant detox. It has two possibilities of use: for detox effect and for microwaxing, in addition to making the skin look younger and healthier.

“I really felt that the skin is very smooth and soft (…) I liked it, it fulfilled what it promises, despite the higher price” –
Laiane Lira

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As we have seen, the detox mask promotes skin renewal, in addition to leaving it soft and healthy looking. Take advantage of the momentum and also check out wonderful tips for homemade skincare.

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