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5 benefits of kundalini yoga that will awaken awareness of your being

Some practices increase the capacity for self-knowledge, as is the case with kundalini yoga. Have you heard about it? Follow the explanation given by Daniela Mattos, teacher of kundalini yoga, meditation and author of the book Sat Nam – You are your own Guruabout what it is and what are the health benefits of this practice.

What is kundalini yoga

Known as the yoga of consciousness, which connects and awakens the particularities of your being, the practice is capable of awakening body, emotional, mental and spiritual awareness. According to Daniela, “in this type of yoga, you use elements of several other types of yoga in a single practice. You do asanas, breathing exercises (pranayama), movements, chanting mantras, sound, meditation and deep relaxation. Classes are dynamic and prescriptive.”

What is kundalini energy?

Kundalini energy is the energy of creation, which has a curious and extremely important meaning for self-knowledge. “Kundalini means coiled serpent, it is a dormant energy centered at the base of the spine. This energy, which is wound three and a half times, represents the energy of creation; feminine divine energy that exists in every human being”, explained Daniela.

According to Daniela, practicing kundalini yoga is a safe practice when you assume all the instructions for the exercise. She said that “there are more than 5,500 between hatchlings and extremely accurate meditations, so when it is performed as instructed, it is not dangerous.”

In addition, Daniela also explained that there are other types of yoga and kundalini meditations. Those taught by Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Interstate show that once you have energy flowing within you, your consciousness expands.

According to the yoga teacher, there are no restrictions for the practice. “Everyone can practice this type of yoga, because it can be done lying on a bed, doing a breathing exercise, or the child, who can do a meditation, or an overactive person doing a more dynamic medication, for example. It’s a matter of feeling a click with this type of practice or not”, concluded Daniela.

5 benefits of kundalini yoga

As a universal practice, when you start doing it, you can see a number of benefits. See what they are below:

  • Strengthens the nervous system: according to Daniela, the strengthening of the nervous system is developed in each class. Over time, you will be able to better handle the stresses of everyday life.
  • Increases connection with the soul: “each practice helps you prepare the body (with asanas, movements chanting mantras), the mind (with breathing exercise and meditation) by raising your vibration for you to feel and experience this connection within you” , explained Daniela. That is, it is a practice in which you turn and connect with your essence.
  • Improves health and mood: according to the teacher, this practice raises your vibration, which helps you feel better, happier, and with positive effects on health and mood. “Kundalini yoga is an extremely energetic practice helping you to expand your electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field is the first barrier of protection, everything that manifests in the physical, mental and emotional has been present before in your energy field”, she added.
  • It influences the improvement of eating habits: kundalini yoga even helps to reduce the desire to eat goodies, through specific exercises, but it is nothing immediate, but a process! For Daniela, “this, in one way or another, happens naturally, little by little, because with the vibration increasing you start to not be in tune with highly processed foods with low vibration and, little by little, you start to eat healthier”.
  • It contributes to a healthier sleep and promotes self-healing: benefits that come from the balance of the body, for Daniela the “practices of kundalini yoga help bring the body into balance, mainly balancing the glandular system. By balancing the glandular system, you will be more energetic with more energy and return to healthier sleep.”

If you are looking for a practice that increases your connection, bringing benefits from the inside out and to your entire essence, kundalini yoga is perfect!

Kundalini Yoga X Ordinary Yoga

But compared to ordinary yoga, what are the differences? According to Daniela, all types of yoga have the same goal centered on kundalini energy. “Whether hatha (the most common) or kundalini yoga has the same goal: to awaken the kundalini energy within you. Kundalini is the Divine Creative Energy that is within each of us. Each type of yoga does this differently, Hatha Yoga as it is a practice that focuses on awakening this energy using the polarities of the body, uses the physical body more, has become more popular in the West,” explained the professional.

Kundalini yoga is like a diamond composed of several elements in a prescriptive way! Wonderful, right? This happens because it can be done for numerous purposes. “You can practice a sequence of exercises (called kriya) to detoxify the liver, or to increase intuition, or also to strengthen the digestive and immune system”, commented Daniela.

How to practice kundalini yoga

To practice kundalini yoga, it is not necessary to focus on a religion, but on spirituality. “Through your own experience in the practice of kundalini yoga, you will begin to answer these perennial (existential) questions that humans have, such as: why am I here? What is my purpose? Who am I in my essence?”. This whole path is covered in dynamic and prescriptive classes, which put the body, mind and its true essence into action.

Below, watch some videos to learn more details in practice:

Kundalini yoga for those who have never practiced it

Daniela Mattos has this complete video on her channel for those who have never practiced kundalini yoga. A class to develop your flexibility and start this practice the right way! Check out!

Class to start the day right

In this video, which is also from Daniela Mattos’ channel, you can learn positions to practice as soon as you wake up. Called Awakening Series, these poses balance your entire body!

Class for elevation, clarity and vitality

In this class, the practice is adapted for beginners, with time and postures designed for beginners. It brings detoxification and elevates you to more vitality.

class to relax

This class from Daniela Mattos’ channel is great to take on a stressful day or for when you need to relax and eliminate bad vibes.

If you want to know more about another type of yoga, which has a proposal for more relaxation, learn about the benefits of yoga nidra!

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