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5 Benefits of Konjac, Delicious, Fiber-rich Japanese Root

Of Japanese origin, konjac is well known for being consumed as a noodle in recipes and dishes. Rich in fiber, the food can be interesting to complement the menu in a creative and healthy way. See what nutritionist Rachel Oliveira, from Clínica Carvalho Concept, (CRN 60881/P) said on the subject:

what is konjac

Rachel explained that konjac is a flavorless root, grown like a potato, very common in Japan, but little known in Brazil. It is composed of 97% water and 3% fiber, with a low calorie content. “Due to its satiety capacity and also low calories, this product has been widely used in slimming diets in the form of capsules or in pasta formats, such as pasta.” Complemented.

5 benefits of konjac that will convince you to try the root

The nutritionist presented the main benefits of konjac, many of them related to the gastrointestinal system. Check out!

  • Rich in fiber: Rachel commented that “in addition to providing greater satiety, the root also helps in the functioning of the intestine, thus fighting constipation.”
  • Increases satiety: “the root has a polysaccharide known as glucomannan, a very soluble fiber that gives it a high water retention capacity, so it is able to absorb a hundred times its weight in water, forming a gel in the stomach, which acts inhibiting the appetite.” Rachel explained.
  • Lowers cholesterol: “mainly LDL cholesterol, known as bad cholesterol.” He mentioned the nutri.
  • Helps with diabetes management: Rachel commented that the root “helps regulate blood sugar levels, so it’s beneficial for diabetes patients.”
  • Low calories: “because it has few calories, it has been widely used as a supplement in weight loss diets.” Finished Rachel.

Rachel also brought important information: “being fiber the only nutrient found, it is worth mentioning that it does not replace a meal, as it does not contain significant sources of other nutrients. Thus, its daily consumption as a single meal can trigger nutritional deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.”

The konjac noodles

Konjac noodles are made from dehydrated root, ground into powder. According to Rachel, “after this process, the powder is mixed with water, to form a dough that is easy to mold.” Then, with the dough ready, it is adapted in the shape of macaroni.

Is konjac noodles slimming?

The nutritionist made it clear that the root can contribute to the weight loss process, as it has low calories and is rich in fiber. Still, not in isolation. “As Japanese noodles do not have vitamins, minerals or even protein, it is interesting to prepare them with cooked vegetables, proteins (meat, tuna) and light sauces, in order to add other essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle and, consequently, positively influence weight loss. Complemented.

As you can see, the root is beneficial as a dietary supplement. Continue reading to find out if there are contraindications, where to buy and in which preparations to use it.

Contraindications and precautions with konjac

Rachel mentioned that there are no contraindications to consumption, but it is necessary to know that “being a food that has large amounts of fiber, its excessive consumption can increase flatulence.”

Where can you buy konjac

Ready to experience all the benefits of konjac? Here’s where you can get the root:

  1. Extra;
  2. Carrefour;
  3. Rappi.

Have you decided where you will order yours to try? Now keep reading to see amazing recipes with ingredient.

recipes with konjac

Check out five delicious recipes that use konjac as the main ingredient. Choose yours and enjoy.

1. Low carb konjac noodles

The video teaches how to prepare the dough, as well as mentioning all its benefits. In addition, it doesn’t need to go to the fire and brings a tasty tip of sauce and complement to konjac noodles.

2. Spaghetti konjac bolognese

The recipe teaches those who want to try the spaghetti version and will follow one of the tips given above by the nutritionist: to include vegetables in the preparation. It is very complete and promises a lot of flavor, thanks to the complements.

3. Konjac rice with asparagus

Perfect for those on a low carb diet, konjac rice is low in calories and will be accompanied by asparagus and tilapia.

4. Low car konjac risotto

Very detailed, it teaches how to make the rice base and then work on the risotto, which will be accompanied by lemon and garlic. It’s very practical, as you don’t have to wait for the rice to cook in the water.

5. Lasagna Bolognese with Konjac Pasta

Perfect for anyone looking for a quick recipe. The lasagna is assembled on the spot and there’s not much of a secret, just intersperse the layers of pasta with the ground meat. At the end, some cheese and just leave it in the microwave for two minutes.

Now that you know more about konjac and how to consume the root, come take a look at the article on natural seasonings, so you don’t abuse salt in your next preparations.

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