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5 attitudes for you to be happier, serene and confident

To be happy, it is essential to adjust the way you react to emotions.
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Understand that you are responsible for your happiness.
Therefore, avoid passing the ball to others with ideas like “I will be happy when I find love”. You must be well with yourself to relate, you need to dedicate yourself to finding a job… It’s up to you!

Teach people how they should treat you.
This has to do with reciprocity and the posture you adopt. For example, those who overload themselves and pass on the message they are aware of cause strangeness when complaining that they are busy. Therefore, signal your needs and involve people in your daily life with respect and empathy.

Get rid of toxic emotions.
If something has bothered you for a while, turn the page! A good tactic is to look for a minimal effective solution, that is, the simplest thing you can do to meet your need for resolution, without creating more problems. There are several ways to help yourself: write a letter to your ex-husband (even without ever sending it), ask someone for forgiveness, cut off relations with those who hurt you…

Swap fear for attitude
Eduardo Shinyashiki, behavior expert (SP), makes a good comparison: “When we are surfing and we fear a certain wave too much, the chance of falling is great. In life it’s the same. So surf without worrying.” The lesson here is not to turn what should be simple things into triggers for excessive anxiety.

validate yourself
Women spend their lives trying to please everyone around them. “But when asked about what they like, many times they don’t know how to answer”, points out the psychotherapist Myriam Durante, president of the Institute for Research and Guidance of the Mind. The tip is to spend more time with yourself to get those answers, align your attitudes with your desires and values. It’s not worth saying “yes” to others if the price is saying “no” to yourself.

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