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5 amazing lip oil options to keep lips hydrated

Lip oil has become the favorite item of many people because it brings together the best of both worlds: makeup and treatment. Gradually, several brands launch their versions with different types and colors. But which option is best for you? Read on and check it out with us!

What is lip oil and what is it used for?

It is a lip moisturizer enriched with oils that provides intense shine and hydration. The texture and packaging are similar to a gloss, but its formula has several actives to treat the lips. Generally, they don’t add color, leaving only the glow effect. Therefore, they can be used alone or over lipstick to give the gloss effect and keep the mouth hydrated.

The best lip oils

We separate the best lip oil options indicated by bloggers. Check out our list and choose your favorite product!


This option from Luisance is the cheapest on our list. The brand has six scent options for you to choose what you like best. In addition, it leaves the lips hydrated and with a slightly pink color, perfect for natural makeup.

“It’s very comfortable on the lips, very tasty and doesn’t get greasy.” – Monique Rodrigues


Great option with good value for money. Ruby Rose’s lip oil is cruelty-free, meaning it doesn’t test on animals, and leaves lips hydrated and soft throughout the day.

“I loved the lip oil, it really gives that feeling of hydration in the mouth that lasts a long time.” – Barbara Menezes


The Maika Beauty brand is known for its cute packaging and cruelty-free products. This watermelon lip oil has concentrated fruit extract and D-Panthenol to ensure optimal hydration to the lips.

“Very watermelon scent, I really liked this lip oil. It leaves the lips very wet and doesn’t leave that sticky gloss look” – Gi Arciero

4. LIP OIL VULT – $$$

The brand has 3 options: tutti-frutti, mint and vanilla. All have the texture of a fuller gloss, getting closer to a lip moisturizer. Keeps lips hydrated and can be applied before or after lipstick.

“I felt my lips very soft and regenerated.” – Rita de Cassia


This is the most expensive of our product selection. The product has powerful extracts and oils that provide a soothing sensation and intense hydration on the lips. In addition, it has vitamin E which is a famous antioxidant.

“It is a very powerful moisturizer. kept my lips hydrated.” – Laiane Lira

Did you like the options above? We hope to have helped you to choose the product that best suits your taste and pocket.

Lip oil experiences

We have selected some videos for you to be inspired and insert this indispensable product into your skincare routine. Check out!

Lip oil summary

In this video, blogger Jessica makes a supervideo telling you all about this lip product. From the function to small reviews of each brand it has.

testing lip oil

Here, Camila Lima tests two types of lip oils in front of the cameras. Still, it shows the difference between the two brands on the lips, making a brief review.

The best lip oils

In this video, Débora gives tips on how to use lip oil and even makes a top 5 of the best brands she’s ever used. It is worth checking!

Lip oils are those practical products that we need to keep in the bag, as they hydrate and complement the look. Enjoy and see makeup inspirations for everyday life.

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