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5 alternative places to host a children’s party

Whether it’s a big celebration at a city buffet or a small party at home, children’s birthdays are a tradition in many Brazilian families. No one can resist the combination of snacks, cake and sweets, right?

For many parents the date cannot go blank. In addition to family get-togethers and memories of the special day, birthday parties are also important for socializing and strengthening bonds of friendship that are important in child development. Although psychologists believe that the child only understands what goes on in a celebration like this from the age of 4, it is still common for the date to be celebrated with a party.

Despite traditions, many families have innovated in the way of celebrating their children’s birthdays. The proposal to get away from the basics and also from super productions gave rise to much more fun and creative alternatives to celebrate a birthday. Picnics, camps, parks and other options have been popular with kids. Discover five different and creative ways to celebrate a child’s birthday:

1. Amusement parks

Amusement parks can be a creative alternative to holding a children’s party. And what about celebrating your birthday on a kart track? Imagine the birthday boy’s joy in spending the day with his best friends having fun on the toys he likes the most.

Water parks are also good alternatives. It is important to pay attention to the age, minimum height required and number of guests (don’t exaggerate!). As a snack suggestion for parties of this type, you can serve: mini pizza, hot dogs, natural sandwiches. Don’t forget about hydration: lots of juice and water! It is essential to have monitors helping or some parents of children to accompany them.

2. Cafeteria

Nowadays, many fast-foods and cafeterias offer a space for holding a birthday party. Children love it and the cost can be considered much lower when compared to parties at buffets or even at home. The idea is to select a few friends and choose a place where the birthday person likes to go. The menu can be pre-defined by the parents or freely chosen by each guest – which can vary the final value. To add to that, if the snack bar is located in a mall in the city, the schedule can be extended to a tour. Depending on the number of children and their age, it is important to have escorts.

3. Picnic

Picnics are a great alternative to celebrating a child’s birthday during the day. In this case, it is possible to invite children and their families to spend time in a park, square or beach in the city. Regarding food, the idea is to share snacks, snacks and snacks. Picnics are interesting alternatives as they provide children with outdoor play time, which is very good for their development. It is important to provide the necessary items, towels, pillows, disposable utensils. Don’t forget the garbage bag.

4. Theater, Cinema, Circus

Who wouldn’t want to spend the afternoon with friends watching a movie session with lots of popcorn and goodies? And what about a play or a circus show! Surely the kids wouldn’t find the idea too bad, would they? Currently, cinema chains offer packages that include the entrance and also a combo with popcorn and soda, for example. Optionally, the program can also end with a party, even in a cafeteria (as in suggestion 2).

5. Camp

If you are a modern and adventurous mother and you are full of energy, how about preparing a camp to celebrate your child’s birthday. An excellent location option would be a farm with leisure options, swimming pool, park, soccer fields. The camp can be enhanced with games like treasure hunting or, who knows, a competition involving children and parents. The idea is to use creativity and promote an integration between children and nature. If the place has trails and animals, the adventure will be even more fun. But go prepared and take some parents with you to accompany.

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