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45 phrases of optimism and faith that overflow with hope and determination

If life’s driving force were based on optimism and faith, how close would you be to your goal?

Karyne Santiago

Walk with faith I will, that faith does not usually speak!

Gilberto Gil

We shouldn’t romanticize positive thinking, but a good dose of optimism and faith produces courage and courage to fight for our achievements.

Karyne Santiago

Optimism is the faith in action. Nothing can be accomplished without optimism.

Helen Keller

A life without faith is a life ruled by discouragement and negativism.

Karyne Santiago

Those who bet on the future have to plant seeds of faith, hope, optimism, motivation, dynamism and, above all, determination and the will to win on their own merits.

How to achieve something good if you don’t believe it can really happen? Be optimistic and keep the faith!

Karyne Santiago

Most people have lost the ability to see the bright side of things, although the light behind the clouds is almost daily proof that it exists.

Matthew Quick

Faith and optimism are things that go together, in a genuine symbiosis. Only those who have faith are optimistic, and only those who are optimistic have faith.

Karyne Santiago

Avoid getting discouraged: keep busy and make optimism your way of life. This restores faith in you.

Lucille Ball

While discouragement and pessimism paralyze you, optimism and faith make you go further and further.

Karyne Santiago

Being idealistic may not bear much fruit! But the simple act of thinking, of dreaming of a better tomorrow is already an excellent start.

The walk of life is arduous, but faith and optimism provide rest and tranquility.

Karyne Santiago

Optimism we learn to have with the course of life, but faith is what is born with us, and just waits to be put into practice.

Karyne Santiago

The anxious soul can hardly see the beautiful transformation of life that occurs from optimism and faith.

Karyne Santiago

Keep moving forward.

Optimism and faith may not be the great miracle for all problems, but it calms the heart… And a peaceful heart is worth a lot!

Karyne Santiago

I will blow from here positive thoughts, words of optimism, I will wish you strength, courage and faith… Now take everything, keep it within yourself and believe that you can conquer whatever you want.

The secret to being happy? Peace in the soul, faith in the mind and optimism in the heart!

Karyne Santiago

I really live on clarity and it won’t be just any little people for nothing that will weaken my faith in life and my desire to smile at the world.

Caio Fernando Abreu

Faith and optimism keep you from giving up on your biggest dreams when the burden of life weighs heavily.

Karyne Santiago

Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive impulse – a smile. A word of optimism and hope, a “you can do it!” when things are tough.

Richard DeVos

Some accomplishments depend on more than just physical or mental effort. Optimism and faith are also part of the package of a lifetime of achievements!

Karyne Santiago

Believing that everything in this life can have a solution is not simply optimism, it is faith. Faith makes us optimistic and confident.

Achievements and accomplishments are consequences of the level of your faith and optimism.

Karyne Santiago

Think good, and good will come. Think evil, and evil will come. You are what you think about throughout the day.

Joseph Murphy

To start the day, a dose of coffee, optimism and faith, please!

Karyne Santiago

For those who fill their hearts with faith and positivity, all adversities are seen as fleeting. Optimism always wins over evil vibes!

Awaken faith in your heart, open your eyes to the good things in life, exercise optimism. Life is much more than problems and challenges, just look carefully.

Karyne Santiago

You can do anything you want if you are optimistic.

The good side of life

I always keep my faith and optimism firm to face any situation. Without it, discouragement consumes.

Karyne Santiago

To live without optimism and faith is to anticipate without reason the suffering that will or will not be present in the future.

Karyne Santiago

Optimism and hope—as well as feelings of helplessness and despair—can be learned.

Daniel Coleman

Dark days need a good tea, a great book and an extra dose of optimism and faith.

Karyne Santiago

Persisting in the pursuit of your goals requires courage, resilience, faith and optimism. The journey will never be easy, but the achievement always pays off!

Karyne Santiago

An optimist’s joy is contagious and his faith is unshakable.

Karyne Santiago

I say what I think, with optimism, and I think about what I do, with faith.

The disbelieving pessimist will never know the joy of reaching a goal having enjoyed the journey.

Karyne Santiago

When you learn to trust your potential, you will have enough faith and optimism to overcome any obstacle in life that wants to stop you from achieving your dreams.

Karyne Santiago

Optimism comes from God and pessimism from the human mind.

Inayat Khan

Exercise optimism and faith, and keep hope for better days alive.

Karyne Santiago

Follow in faith and don’t be discouraged… Fix what is necessary, release what is unnecessary, keep hope and learn to be optimistic!

The strength needed to fight for our achievements is the one we put on the feelings of optimism and faith. Nobody achieves anything without believing.

Karyne Santiago

Always try to sow optimism and plant seeds of faith and hope to those who need it most.

Just as we exercise our body and mind, we should exercise optimism and faith. Without putting them into practice, both feelings wither and die.

Karyne Santiago

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