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44 Stuffed Easter Egg Recipes to Celebrate More Joyfully

Easter Sunday is a special date when many families gather to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus. Easter eggs are traditional and part of that day. Many families prefer to make their own eggs than to buy them ready-made, and the ones they like the most are the stuffed ones. Therefore, in this article you can check out several Easter egg recipes filled with different flavors that should please everyone on that day. See all the recipes below.

Traditional stuffed Easter egg recipes

1. Simple and easy stuffed Easter egg: learn how to make a practical and quick egg to gift who you love. The filling options and the chocolate itself depend on your taste, but prefer simple fillings such as brigadeiro, dulce de leche or beijinho.

2. Stuffed and truffled Easter egg: in this recipe you learn how to temper chocolate so that your egg is delicious, but in a very easy way. To make the egg truffled, add a layer of chocolate after filling it.

3. Easter egg stuffed with semi-sweet chocolate and brigadeiro: a mixture that is not even too sweet, because it has the semi-sweet chocolate that works by breaking, and not so bitter, since the brigadeiro gives a touch of sweetness. In addition to the semisweet chocolate and brigadeiro, this recipe also includes chocolate cake.

4. Easter egg stuffed with white chocolate and dulce de leche: white chocolate, dulce de leche and coconut cake are a combination that makes many people’s mouth water. Try making this egg to make your Easter sweeter and hotter.

5. Easter egg stuffed with lemon mousse: for those who like more sour fillings, breaking the chocolate candy, lemon mousse is a great option. Use a ready-made chocolate egg and add slices of cake to intersperse with the mousse in the filling.

6. Cheap stuffed Easter egg: spending just R$20 you can make a surprising stuffed Easter egg that takes, in addition to chocolate, Oreo, cream cheese and brigadeiro. You will spend much less than if you bought a ready-made one and you will be able to please many people.

7. Easter egg stuffed with Bis: with this recipe, you learn a very easy and practical way to temper the chocolate and, as this egg requires several layers of chocolate, this makes its preparation easier.

8. Easter egg stuffed with chocolate mousse: the best chocolate mousse to prepare this stuffed Easter egg, without egg taste and with just the right amount of sweetness. As a finishing suggestion, add sprinkles to decorate and make your egg more beautiful.

9. Easter egg stuffed with strawberry and semisweet chocolate: strawberry brigadeiro, chocolate ganache and chopped chocolate stikatinho, these are the components of the filling of this Easter egg that should please adults and children with this delicious combination.

10. Easter egg stuffed with passion fruit: the tip of this egg is to use fractionated chocolate that does not need to be tempered, just melt it and place it in the form of an egg. Instead of a simple passion fruit mousse for the filling, apply white chocolate to the concentrated fruit.

11. Easter egg stuffed with two brigadeiros: a filling with Ninho milk brigadeiro and Nutella brigadeiro is for everyone to love. Make the brigadiers first so that they are cold when you put them in the egg and there is no danger of the chocolate melting when you insert them.

12. Prestige Stuffed Easter Egg: It only takes three ingredients to make this egg and it’s quite possible that you have them in your house right now. Milk chocolate, unsweetened grated coconut and condensed milk make this delight happen and you have a sweeter Easter.

Spoon stuffed Easter egg recipes

13. Easter egg stuffed with a spoon with Alpine: it’s a recipe with many steps, so if you want a more practical egg, this is not a good option. You will need to make the cake, two types of ganache and assemble the egg, but the result is worth it.

14. Spoon filled Easter egg with Oreo: putting cookies in the egg filling makes everything tastier, as it creates textures with the crunchiness given by it. For this recipe, both the egg and the ganache are made with white chocolate.

15. Spoon-filled Easter egg with lemon pie: an egg that looks more like a pie and that mixes the chocolate candy with the lemon sourness. Perfect to eat with a spoon and enjoy this Easter or when you feel like eating an egg.

16. 3 options for a spoon-filled Easter egg: learn how to make three Easter eggs so you have options and diversity that day. Check out the recipes for Easter egg stuffed with Ovaltine, caramel brigadeiro and Ninho milk brigadeiro.

17. Spoon-filled Easter egg with Kit Kat, Nest milk and prestige: you can make it to please those you love or to sell and earn extra money this time of year. There are three easy filling options, with the Kit Kat and Prestige fillings being made together.

18. Spoon filled Easter egg with pavé: if you like to vary and want an Easter egg option to surprise, this recipe will help you. The filling is made like a pavé, with champagne cookies, cream, jam and chocolate ganache. It will definitely be a success.

Cake stuffed Easter egg recipes

19. Easter egg stuffed with brigadeiro cake: place a brigadeiro cake in the middle of your Easter egg and make it irresistible. To make the egg completely, four preparations are necessary: ​​two brigadiers, one for the filling and one for decorating, the cake and the egg itself. There are many steps, but all of them are easy to do.

20. Easter egg stuffed with gluten-free and lactose-free cake: if you’re allergic to lactose and you think that’s why you won’t be able to enjoy a stuffed Easter egg, this recipe was made for you. It is also gluten, egg and soy free, making it the perfect recipe for many allergy sufferers.

21. Easter egg stuffed with red velvet cake: an egg that looks beautiful and very tasty, made with white chocolate, red cake and cream cheese brigadeiro filling. The tip for everything to be perfect is to make a very thin cake to be able to build layers when assembling the egg, making it even more delicious.

22. Easter egg stuffed with carrot cake and chocolate mousse: the carrot cake with chocolate is one of the most traditional and can also be used as a filling for your Easter egg. The differential of this recipe is the substitution of the brigadeiro for the chocolate mousse.

23. Easter egg stuffed with cake, cream and strawberry: the good thing about stuffed eggs is that you can use whatever you like to put inside it. A great option is the cake with cream and strawberries. And, to improve, everything in this recipe is made in the microwave.

24. Easter egg stuffed with gingerbread: the gingerbread with a chocolate cone is already wonderful, if it comes wrapped in an Easter egg it’s irresistible. To complete the deliciousness, apricot is added to give it a sour taste, contrasting with other sweet ingredients, such as honey bread, chocolate and dulce de leche.

25. Easter egg stuffed with bem casa: the sponge cake and lots of dulce de leche are the fillings for this egg. To make it wet, make a syrup with vanilla. The egg used is ready and there are also pieces of dulce de leche to complement the recipe.

26. Brownie Stuffed Easter Egg: A brownie that is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside will make your filling more delicious. To complete, add cream cheese whipped cream and red fruit jelly. You can bet on this egg to make your Easter happier.

27. Easter egg stuffed with brownie, churros, dulce de leche and paçoca: this egg is the combination of several sweets in one egg and that seems to be very sweet, but actually is delicious, very tasty and with the sweetness in the right measure. The only downside is the preparation of all these sweets.

Nutella Stuffed Easter Egg Recipes

28. Easter egg stuffed with truffle Nutella: a filling that mixes chocolate, cream and Nutella is irresistible and delicious. To make the truffled egg, cover with another layer of chocolate after adding the filling. Thus, you will have a very tasty Nutella truffle egg.

29. Easter Egg Stuffed with Nutella and Oreo Truffles: Make any bland Easter egg much more interesting by stuffing it with Nutella truffle and Oreo bits. The step by step is very simple!

30. Easter egg stuffed with Ninho milk brigadeiro and Nutella: the combination Ninho milk and Nutella is infallible and makes your egg turn into a delicious gastronomic experience. Prepare the two brigadiers, let them cool and then add them to your egg. To finish, garnish with pieces of Kinder Bueno and chocolate sprinkles.

31. Easter egg stuffed with strawberry, Nest milk and Nutella: if an egg filled with Nutella and Nest milk is already irresistible, when you add strawberries your egg will be perfect. The Nutella in this recipe will come in pure and to give a final touch, decorating the egg along with the strawberries.

32. Easter egg filled with Nutella brigadeiro: sometimes, just a Nutella brigadeiro is more than necessary to fill your Easter egg and make it delicious. This recipe is for if you don’t want to make a lot of preparations.

Stuffed Easter egg recipes

33. Easter egg stuffed with Italian straw: brigadeiro with cornstarch cookies will leave your filling with crunchiness, sweetness and a lot of deliciousness. In this recipe you also learn how to make a marbled egg with dark chocolate and white chocolate to make it even more special.

34. Easter egg stuffed with caramel and peanuts: if you want a filling that doesn’t involve chocolate, you can bet on the mixture of caramel and peanuts, making it very similar to Charge chocolate. This filling, because of the peanuts, is not very sweet.

35. Easter egg stuffed with Oreo and Ovaltine: you may not have tasted it yet, but the Oreo and Ovaltine brigadeiro mixture is one of the tastiest you will try. The Oreo Brigadier will be used to fill your Brigadier, while the Ovaltine will be used to decorate it.

36. Rafaello stuffed Easter egg: imagine turning Rafaello’s chocolate into an Easter egg to be eaten with a spoon. The ingredients used for the filling are those listed on Rafaello’s packaging, including coconut and almonds. To decorate, use the candy itself and grated coconut.

37. Easter egg stuffed with pudding: from something improbable, a delicious Easter egg filling can be born. The pudding will not go to the oven and is made in a very practical way, mixing everything in the blender and going to the fridge to harden.

38. Easter egg stuffed with paçoquinha brigadeiro: any brigadeiro is perfect to fill your egg and, in this recipe, the option is the paçoquinha brigadeiro. In addition to the brigadeiro, the stuffing also takes brownie to give more texture to your stuffing and make it more amazing.

Stuffed Easter egg recipes for those who have restriction

39. Vegan Stuffed Easter Egg: exclude any animal ingredients when making…

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