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40 quotes by Cynthia Luz that prove that rap belongs to women too

The story has no nexus and what matters is the context.

They said I’m too dark, that where I come from is not safe.

I’m running away, but it’s sin, the devil’s embrace that wants to see me live in bitterness.

If I do it for pleasure, it’s gratitude to be, to get it right, it’s life that takes me.

The good part of this plan is being able to be better while others are just complaining.

I feed my soul with longing for you while I seek my calm.

He didn’t even notice the sun going down and wants to talk about love.

It’s flame when you call, we who make the track of my drama.

It’s time to open the doors of the mind and look beyond the account to make the rhythms count.

I’ll try to be very clear: I am the storm in a teacup.

So scattered I say goodbye and I go looking for love and I find you.

Will the heavens hear? Love that is not asked, until the rain comes.

The faith that lives next door, I carry it from an early age.

What is yours life will bring you.

Learn to love failures.

I saw peace in your eyes, I saw love and I got lost.

It’s life that runs, life that passes and doesn’t even disguise.

I don’t behave when it comes to you.

Love has the cure, let her have fun.

The walk is God who blesses, may everything run, may it flow and suffer, whatever has to be, don’t come to question.

I’m afraid, but what you hide attracts.

Courage is fear in front of the mirror.

It was chance, I don’t know, you took from me what only I felt.

I’m a paper city, your ego doesn’t see me.

It seemed harmless and dominated my mind.

Soul love that brings light.

Live an intense day, love your serious way.

Balance is peace, fresh head, it’s the best that life brings.

Don’t remember me, I want you to be very happy.

I want to live by the sea, to be from any place where the soul never grows old.

Life flows and only after we see it.

Blessed be the sweat for the real mission.

I don’t follow what I think, I know it’s time.

You know that everything you think and believe, happens.

If we are capable of loving alone, may it all end in poetry and sound.

It is solitude that makes you think and the lesson teaches.

At night, the roads are longer.

Be careful with everything you feel, there is no room for illusion.

Sayings that vibrate beyond us and if we are capable of loving alone.

I understood that love was made to set us free.

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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