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40 phrases from grandmother to granddaughter that overflow that special love

Being a grandma is smiling twice, it’s being a mother twice and loving without measures! I love you, my granddaughter!

More than a granddaughter, I gained a companion who is always teaching and helping me. Thank you for being the cutest girl in the world!

My days with you are more colorful, joyful and full of life. Grandma loves you so much, princess!

My granddaughter, it’s so good to be able to accompany you in every phase of your life. I love you!

My granddaughter, as much as you always grow, will be my little one and will be in my heart!

Well, they say that grandmother is the mother with sweets, but, tell me, how can I say no to a granddaughter as beautiful and polite as mine?

I became a happier woman after I became a grandmother. Experiencing such pure and beautiful love changes us a lot!

My beloved granddaughter, you are the joy of our family. I love you so much! With love, grandma.

My beautiful granddaughter, every night I pray that God will always enlighten your heart and guide your every step. I love you so much!

Being a grandmother is having this beautiful feeling that overflows every day. It’s enjoying the best phase of life with this beautiful gift from God: a granddaughter!

Beloved granddaughter, may you always be that sweet little girl who could fit in my lap, even when time passes. Grandma loves you!

More than a grandmother, I want to be a point of refuge for my granddaughter, security and love. I want her to always feel welcomed and never judged!

How good it is to be the grandmother of this beautiful little creature that makes me laugh and is always discovering new things. I love you, my granddaughter!

Grandma is like this: she has a tough face, a tough way, she plays tough, but she’s completely in love and melted by her beautiful granddaughter!

What a sweeter and simpler love is a grandmother’s love. I never thought I would love a little being as much as I love my granddaughter!

As a grandmother, I will forever be grateful for having the best company in the world: my granddaughter!

The most owl grandma, jealous, proud and in love with her granddaughter… pleasure, it’s me!

When I look at my granddaughter, I see the version of the girl I once was. How good it is to see you happy, full of dreams and hope! Her smile lights me up, little one.

With the grace of God, I was blessed with the opportunity to be the luckiest grandmother in the world, as I have a beautiful and special granddaughter.

Dear granddaughter, your magic fills me with joy. Thank you for being so kind to grandma!

My dear granddaughter, with you, I am a child again. We play all day, we cook treats and I tell you stories about my life. How nice to have you around. Kisses from grandma!

They say I’m an owl grandma, because I keep talking about my granddaughter… But also who can with so much cuteness and passion?

My granddaughter, my love for you is simply not sizeable. I love you so much!

My beautiful granddaughter, all I want is for you to grow in God’s grace and never stray from His path! Grandma loves you!

When they say I’m a doting grandmother, I say “yes I am”. After all, God gave me the most beautiful granddaughter in the whole world.

I thank God for giving me such a perfect and healthy granddaughter. I love you, my dear!

My beautiful granddaughter, enjoy your childhood and youth a lot. Discover new things and always have love in your heart. With love, grandma!

I never knew how much love could fit in my heart until one day someone called me grandma!

If I had known that my granddaughter would be the best part of my life, I would have skipped straight to dessert. I love being a grandmother!

My granddaughter, I want you to know that no matter what happens, grandma will always be here for whatever you need, whether it’s a lap or that delicious food!

My beloved granddaughter, you are the best event in grandma’s life! Never forget that this lap is all hers.

Being this granddaughter’s grandmother is a privilege! It’s the end of a lifetime that says it was all worth it.

They say that grandmothers teach their granddaughters, but I believe it is quite the opposite: I learn every day about love with my granddaughter. How good it is to have a young spirit around!

You think you’ve lived through it all, then God makes you a grandmother and you discover the sweetest love in the world. I love being your grandma, princess!

Good night, my granddaughter. Grandma just stopped by to wish you a great night’s sleep and say she loves you so much!

Every day more naughty, cheerful and intelligent: this is the granddaughter that grandma loves so much!

My dear granddaughter, with each passing day you are more beautiful, smart and loving. You are grandma’s pride!

You’ve grown up, but you’re still the cutest granddaughter in the world. Grandma loves you so much!

God gave me the kindest granddaughter in the world to brighten my days and bring joy back into my life. I love you my little princess!

Being a grandmother is knowing a sweet and deep love. It’s living on affection and friendship, it’s making your granddaughter your world!

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