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40 photos with military green nail polish that show the beauty of this shade

Want to have a beautiful and chic nail? Bet on military green enamel. It has become a big trend and is very versatile. Check out how she looks in practice, stores to buy her green nail polish and tutorials to rock nail design.

40 photos of military green nail polish that will convince you to have one

The military green color is very wonderful. Despite being more specific, it can have a slight variation of tones, and can be more open or closed. Choose your favorite!

1. There’s no way to resist the military green enamel

2. It’s a great option to have in your toiletry bag

3. This chic color is a sure-fire choice

4. In addition to being a joker tone and matching with everything

5. You can be creative with nail art

6. With military green nail polish, the basics can’t go wrong

7. It looks beautiful combined with white

8. A touch of sparkle is always welcome

9. Impossible to resist matte military green enamel

10. This decoration is all about the name of the color

11. How about finishing with a layer of extra shine?

12. It’s a great option for the summer

13. The rhinestone makes everything more charming

14. You can opt for a more closed tone

15. Or a lighter military green nail polish

16. Making a gradient is a great idea

17. It doesn’t take much for this color to surprise

18. The combination with a black francesinha is perfect

19. This color is all about Christmas

20. There will be no shortage of ideas to decorate in style

21. This color palette is very sophisticated

22. The military green nail polish with the nude looks very nice

23. Gold thread raises the bar for any decor

24. Diagonal francesinha is super high

25. Military green looks great on stiletto nails

26. And also on square nails

27. Gold leaves make this color even more luxurious

28. This decoration is perfect for a party

29. Military green nail polish is a cute option for everyday life

30. The leopard print never goes out of style

31. Want a delicate design? bet on flowers

32. Complement the decor with rhinestones

33. Finish with a lot of shine

34. Do you like almond-shaped nails? Look how beautiful it is!

35. Military green nail polish looks great on long nails

36. And it also looks great on shorter nails

37. Anyway, she looks amazing

38. Whether for day or night

39. This color is a hit

40. Jump into the military green nail polish trend

It is no wonder that this color has conquered women of all ages. And to guarantee this beautiful nail polish in your case, check out some stores:

Where can you buy military green nail polish

Guarantee now beautiful options of green enamel limit. There are several shades that will conquer you:

  1. Americans;
  2. Submarine;
  3. Drug Streak;
  4. Bahia Houses;
  5. AliExpress;
  6. Araujo Drugstore.

You don’t even have to leave the house to have this beautiful nail polish. And to make a wonderful nail design, follow the tutorials below.

How to make military green nail polish and rock it

Doing your nails at home can be a lot of fun and also cheaper. And for the result to be worthy of a professional, follow these tutorials step by step:

camouflaged military green nail

The camouflage print is all about the military green color and the design can be done easily with the tip of the toothpick. The spots are pretty abstract, so it’s an easy option to reproduce. The result is incredible!

Military green nail with sticker

Don’t have a lot of skill when it comes to decorating? Bet on stickers. They are very practical options and elevate the level of decorated nails in seconds. All the best!

gringa military green nail

The gringas unleash their creativity when it comes to decorating their nails. In this version, green nails will be combined with pink, white and black designs. The combination is very modern and fun!

Military green nail with leopard

The leopard’s only daughter is very charming. Here, the pattern can be easily reproduced using just the nail polish brush and a toothpick. It’s worth putting into practice!

Now you have everything you need to have a wonderful nail design. And to continue with amazing decorations, also check out these matte nail polish inspirations.

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