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40 photos that prove that to be a woman you have to be feminine

What does being a woman mean to you? We are constantly led to think that to be a woman we need to have children, take care of the household chores, maintain a happy marriage without quarrels, take care of the body and all that without losing femininity.

Well, we bring good news: the feminist movement shows us that this is not being a woman, this is what society understands by being a woman. You don’t have to follow all these steps to prove yourself a woman. And if you want to follow them, that’s fine too. Many of us don’t feel good wearing dresses, high heels and lipstick and that doesn’t stop being women. Oh, and there’s one more thing: being feminine or denying this pattern has nothing to do with sexual orientation, as many think.

First of all, we want to make it clear that this is content produced with a lot of irony and our only intention is to show that every woman should be free and wear what she wants, as well as wear the haircut that makes her feel more beautiful and also choose to wear makeup or just go out there with a clean face! We selected 40 photos of amazing women who don’t need to wear skirts and ruffles to prove they are women. Check out:

1. First, there is no clothing for women and clothing for men

2. There is only CLOTHING

3. And pink may or may not be feminine too

4. In the photo we see a woman sitting waiting for her approval

5. Fashion isn’t just for feminine women

6. Who else loves a little black dress?

7. Worried about your judgments

8. It’s hard to be charming without being feminine, right?

9. In some manual it is written that caps are for the exclusive use of men

10. We see a woman standing next to a crowd that respects her choices

11. The best design for a women’s shirt is the one that fits inside

12. And the perfect pants are the ones that are comfortable

13. There are right shoes for women

14. They are the ones they wear and are able to walk around

15. And also be able to play sports

16. Oh, sneakers are great for dancing too!

17. Baggy shirts look bad on women

18. Just like short hair

19. Gorgeous look that needs a touch of femininity

20. Why not just be a woman wearing it, right?

21. Women must always sit properly

22. Preferably with legs crossed

23. Because the important thing is to be feminine

24. Being comfortable?

25. That’s the least!

26. You really need to be on top of a heel to be a woman

27. “Tell me more about the 10 commandments of being a woman…”

28. “You can say that I am listening with great interest”

29. “Is floral print feminine? So I’m ready!”

30. Of course, what defines whether someone is a woman or not is the clothes she wears

31. Feminine attitude clearly needs to match clothes

32. Here in this photo we see a shy woman with what people think about her

33. And in that image, a woman washing clothes, which is what a woman should do

34. Not so much here, as she doesn’t seem to be doing anything that is expected of her

35. In this photo, we see a woman thinking about all the times she was forced to be who she is not

36. Once again, what matters is being feminine

37. Be happy to wait, right?

38. How about replacing your prejudice…

39. …for a little respect?

40. And if there’s to be pink somewhere, let it be in the landscape!

We reinforce once again that this article used irony to draw your attention and show that being a woman and being feminine are two different things that may – or may not – go together. Live diversity and be yourself, after all, all the others already exist and this is your chance to be unique!

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