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40 photos of long black hair + 5 videos with care tips

Long black hair is beyond beautiful and requires a special amount of attention and care products. Are you looking for inspiration and tips to transform your wires and make them healthier and brighter? Come with us!

40 photos of long black hair to look up to

Below, you will find 40 gorgeous long black hair inspirations. There are several sizes and types of hair to base yourself on until you reach the final result you so much want for your dear strands. Come on?

1. Black hair gives mystery to any woman

2. As it is a neutral color, it suits all skins

3. Matches all styles in the world

4. Because it is long, it allows a multitude of ways to use

5. It looks great with bangs

6. And the bigger it is, the prettier it gets!

7. Is long black hair your dream?

8. That intense shine between the strands, is it what you want?

9. Well, know that it’s not that complicated to conquer him

10. But long hair requires a lot of care

11. And the care redoubles if he is no longer natural

12. Whether it’s natural or not, it’s possible to have it!

13. With some basic and effective products…

14. When you least expect it, it will be flawless

15. And if your goal is for him to grow…

16. Keeping an eye on the nutrition you’re giving him is essential

17. And it doesn’t matter if he’s flat stoned

18. Or if it is curly with tight turns

19. Curly strands need a little more attention

20. But if you know how to finish it correctly

21. You will have a more than incredible result, believe me!

22. The secret is special for each hair, there’s no way around it!

23. But over time, you learn about the tastes of your curls

24. It is important to test the products to find out which ones are suitable

25. And which ones weren’t made for your beautiful long black hair

26. And so you don’t get discouraged by looking too hard

27. Know that today there are many tips for long hair

28. So, beautiful, don’t even think about giving up, okay?

29. We want to see you rock these black wires everywhere

30. Is long black hair a goal?

31. So let’s help you fulfill it, you deserve it!

32. In addition to the beauty that long hair naturally has

33. We know that just having big hair isn’t enough

34. And if with it long and not so well hydrated you are already beautiful

35. Just imagine when he’s shining brighter than the sun?

36. Start putting super hydration in your week

37. Create a hair schedule to follow with care

38. And you will see the magic happening with its long dark strands

39. You’ll be even more flashy than you already are

40. And everyone will want to know the secret to your hair!

Did you like the inspirations? It’s a hair more beautiful than the other, right? With the right care, you too can achieve these excellent results. What are you waiting to get started? In the topic below, we brought tips so that, soon, you will have the long black hair you always wanted.

Black long hair care

In the following videos, you can see the most varied care tips and products for long black hair. There are growth tips, special care, daily routines and even a weekly follow-up. It’s all you need!

Long black hair care tips

Check out, in this video, all of Letícia Xavier’s hair care tips. She shows and comments on all the products she uses and how she uses them on her hair to make it look beautiful!

Care that promotes rapid growth

Isa exposes all her care secrets that made her hair grow so fast and healthy. She mentions the products she uses and explains her way of using them on her hair. The result, you already know: this super-hydrated and beautiful hair.

Complete care routine for long black hair

Nicole shows her entire hair care routine, especially for hair with chemistry like hers. She presents her favorite products and shows you all the application details, as well as giving you several tips during this chat.

Care and finishing routine

In this video you can see all the care tips that Gabrielle takes with her own hair. She shows her little mix with special products and talks about her way of care while finishing her hair.

1 full week of hair care

Follow all the hair procedures that make Beatriz’s hair more and more wonderful. In the video, she brings a week of follow-up of her routine and talks about everything you need to know to have a mara hair.

What did you think of the black long hair tips and inspirations? It’s a dream to have super-hydrated and shiny hair, right? For that, just pay attention to the essential care forms for your beautiful hair. Want to start with tips on how to eliminate frizz? Run to see that they are unmissable tips!

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