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40 lame excuse phrases so you don’t fall for them

When you arrive with the cornmeal, I’ve already made the cake. I don’t fall for your lame excuses anymore!

Make up a lame excuse and come sleep here at my house. I snuggle you here on my chest and warm your whole body.

Roni & Ricardo

Today is a good day to wake up and say: goodbye, lame excuses! Move yourself!

Want to lose me? Keep up your lame excuses! I’m leaving.

For happiness, there are no lame excuses. Be bold and don’t be afraid to fight for your dreams!

Who do you think you are? I don’t deserve so much bullshit. It’s no use throwing yourself at my feet. In your theater, I don’t fall anymore.

living from the oh

Nobody deserves to live on lame excuses! Bye and kiss, it’s over.

World, please, more truth and less lame excuses!

There’s no use using lame excuses. It won’t change, no. Stop the world I want to get off!

fire in the square

Those who want to change the future don’t make lame excuses, take the first step.

Headache is the queen of lame excuses.

There are people who have a doctorate in lame excuses. I don’t fall for that conversation anymore.

Those who live on lame excuses dig their own failure.

There are no lame excuses, only you are responsible for your happiness and success!

You know what the worst thing is? When the person comes to apologize to you and you know they are ragged.

Your lame excuses are out of date. She hesitated, gone, goodbye!

The more lame excuses you make, the further you get from achieving your goal.

I’ve memorized all your lame excuses! See if the disk changes.

Teacher, the dog ate my homework! That’s the only lame excuse I respect.

No more lame excuses, I’m tired of everything, no more lying. It’s the end of it, it’s a closed case.


Stop looking for lame excuses and start looking for solutions. You are capable!

Lack of time is the lame excuse of those who are afraid to win. Who wants to make it happen. Who doesn’t risk, doesn’t achieve.

Stop delaying your happiness with lame excuses. Hear the truths of your heart.

I know you’re trying to beg my attention with your lame excuses, but know that I’m not here for handouts!

There are two things I don’t accept: splitting the fries and lame excuses.

Let me explain: your lame excuse doesn’t convince me anymore. Do you understand or do you want me to draw?

Get rid of all lame excuses and make room in your life for new experiences!

I know you very well: enough softly, with small talk and full of lame excuses. That poor guy’s face doesn’t convince me anymore.

For me, those who live on lame excuses are the worst kind of coward. It takes a lot of courage to be real.

My love, I’ll tell you where I was. Don’t give me a lame excuse!

Mastruz with Milk

In fact, your lame excuses are worse than old Velcro: they don’t stick anymore!

Get rid of the weight of lame excuses and you’ll find that you can fly.

If you’re going to make lame excuses, let it be to see me!

You had your chance, but you didn’t know how to use it. I’ve already spent your lame excuses and your crocodile tears. Goodbye!

I’m very nice, but it doesn’t take me seriously! I hate lame excuses.

Today is a great day to throw all the lame excuses in the trash and start your new life project.

Every lame excuse that comes out of your mouth is one more reason for me to lose respect for you.

I don’t accept lame excuses! I know I deserve so much more.

See if you can see now, your lame excuse has already slipped from your fingers and no one takes it.

Mastruz With Milk

There are people who make so many lame excuses that the tongue has already become a rag.

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