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40 heartache phrases that help heal wounds

Listen to your heart, the pain it feels, be honest with your feelings.

Caroline Stemniak

I can’t explain the heartache.

Adilson Silva

Some people make our heart beat faster, others make our heart beat broken.

Caroline Stemniak

Heartache cannot be ignored, it is constant, present.

Caroline Stemniak

Only God can understand what I feel in my heart. Come help me, Lord!

Adilson Silva

No pain is greater than us, not even the pain in the heart. It’s only harder to remember this when things are tough.

Everything that heals the wounds of the heart is good, worth it, needs to be felt.

Caroline Stemniak

Only those who feel this little pain in their heart understand who feels the same pain. I am here for you.

It’s almost madness, an intense obsession. Discount on sheet music for the heartache.


Lord God, heal this gigantic pain I feel in my heart!

Flor de liz don’t go saying that the wind has compassion, to see you, make you forget the pain in your heart.


The heart weighs, the ropes feel difficult to hold it, it hurts.

Caroline Stemniak

When we stop acting like actresses and act on what our heart asks for, it will finally stop hurting.

The pain I feel in my heart right now is stronger than any other feeling I’ve ever felt. How to describe it?

To ease the heartache, just a hug of true love.

Caroline Stemniak

I suffer from heartache and I feel that only you would be able to heal me.

The heart still beats, but mine beats with pain since I lost you.

You think you will never forget, and forget. You think this pain will never go away, but it does. You think everything is eternal, but it is not.

Clarice Lispector

And this heartache that knocks on my door every time I think about you?

The feelings of the heart are always the truest. With pain, it’s no different.

Some people go through our lives and leave as a mark a sharp pain on the left side of the chest, from those we need to stay away.

Caroline Stemniak

If your heart hurts, it’s because you’re alive. This is proof of the living that so many need.

Caroline Stemniak

If I ever caused someone this heartache that I feel today, I apologize with all my heart.

My heart is hurt from loving wrong.

Caio Fernando de Abreu

The pain that the heart cries is the greatest pain.

I know that the pain I feel in my heart has a cure, I just can’t wait to find it.

Caroline Stemniak

It doesn’t matter if it rains or shines outside, in my heart it’s rain of pain.

Disappointment has a direct effect on the heart. Thanks to her, it hurts.

Caroline Stemniak

The best shield against heartache is not hiding from love, it’s only giving it if it’s true.

Caroline Stemniak

It’s not just sadness, it’s heartache. Do you understand what I say?

Caroline Stemniak

The heart does not cry for little pain, the heart cries when it is broken.

Caroline Stemniak

We were made for pain. Tears are to our hearts what water is to fish.

Gustave Flaubert

Those who feel pain in their heart, are more careful with the hearts of others.

Caroline Stemniak

When the heart hurts, the whole body cries together.

Caroline Stemniak

The heart is a special part of the body, it hurts, cries and cries out for a love that will heal it.

Caroline Stemniak

Time heals heartache, but only if we forgive ourselves for truly feeling it.

The pain you feel in your heart reminds you to put yourself first. Ever.

Caroline Stemniak

My heartache made me a thousand times stronger woman than I ever was.

Caroline Stemniak

Only love, regardless of its shape, is capable of healing heartache.

Caroline Stemniak

Don’t underestimate anyone’s pain, especially mine. How my heart hurts!

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