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40 good vacation phrases to enjoy the rest

I need vitamin F(holidays).

After so much study and effort, the much-deserved rest has arrived! Good vacation!

It’s time to rest, recharge and enjoy the best of this life. Good vacation!

Live every moment, live every moment and be very happy. Good vacation!

You are an exemplary employee and you deserve this time off. Good vacation!

How good it is to be able to recharge your energies and take some time for yourself! May these holidays be wonderful!

Make the most of your vacation. Get plenty of rest, enjoy a lot and have the most fun!

Everyone deserves a break after so much hard work. Have a nice vacation and enjoy it a lot.

Today your vacation begins! Take the opportunity to dedicate a little time to yourself, rest and come back full of energy!

Enjoy your vacation. Enjoy this freedom and live happily!

Time to disconnect from everything and connect with myself. I’m on vacation!

Lighter, calmer and happier days. This is how I hope my vacation goes!

The problem with vacations is that they end too soon, so make the most of it. Good vacation!

Time to turn off the alarm clock and enjoy every second of the day. Good vacation!

You don’t have to travel to have a good vacation. Just be next to the ones you love and get plenty of rest!

What Day is Today? I don’t know, I’m on vacation!

The long-awaited time of year has arrived: the holidays. May it be a very peaceful and happy period. You deserve!

A grade 10 student deserves a grade 10 vacation. Enjoy a lot, my dear!

Focus, strength and vacation!

How good is this vacation period, isn’t it? Take the opportunity to be next to those you love, rest and reinvent yourself a lot!

Happy holidays to you, who dedicate yourself all year round and deserve all the rest in the world.

Monday? I didn’t even remember, I’m on vacation!

A fresh shade, calm days and lots of good energies! Good vacation!

The holidays have finally started and I have a list of things I want to do. Let’s see what the first item is: nothing!

Status: Counting down to vacation.

Notice to navigators: I’m on vacation and I’ll only respond when I get back. After all, this rest I deserve too much!

Good vacation! Enjoy every second of this well-deserved rest! Know that we are eagerly awaiting your return.

Finally vacations! Task of the day: relax and have fun.

The holidays go by so fast! So, enjoy and do everything you want most, even if that everything is actually doing a lot of nothing.

Happy holidays to you who work all year non-stop. May this period of rest be for you to reconnect with yourself and have a lot of peace!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I love my vacation even more!

I’m already on the countdown to my vacation! I will enjoy each day with lots of joy, enthusiasm and love!

A little foot in the sand and eyes on the sea, that’s how I’m going to spend my vacation!

Today begins my rest, so forget that I exist for these days, ok? Happy holidays to me!

Finally arrived! May your holidays be amazing and may you rest a lot!

Time to rest and recharge all energies to come back with everything. Good vacation!

It’s really good to take a break and go on vacation!

May your holidays be full of tranquility, good energy and lots of rest!

How good it is to be able to rest after so much work and dedication! Happy holidays and enjoy every moment.

Enjoy your vacation. Smile, rest, enjoy the freedom and be very happy.

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