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40 bathroom games to make your house even more charming

A bathroom set may seem like an expendable item when we think about decorating this wet area, but when we remember its real function in the decoration, it quickly becomes necessary. This is because, in addition to adding comfort, it will also be responsible for including personality, and in some cases, organization to the space.

The simple game usually consists of three pieces: a mat for the shower outlet, another for the toilet and a cover for the lid. Some additional items can be added, according to the resident’s personal taste, such as toilet paper holder, attached box cover and additional rug for the sink, made in the most diverse models, styles and techniques.

But before choosing a game for your bathroom, it is essential to find out if it has some characteristics:

  • Size: the pieces of the chosen game must have an ideal size to compose the decoration, without the space appearing to be smaller than it really is.
  • Durability: bathroom sets usually get dirty very easily, so they need to be made with high durability materials, to withstand several washes.
  • Safety: It is very important that all game mats have some kind of non-slip material on the back. Nobody wants to slip while using the bathroom, right?

See below the most diverse models of bathroom games, which promise to make your corner even more beautiful and cozy, and if you have the aptitude for manual work, take the opportunity to learn from the tutorials added to the list and produce your own pieces:

1. The bathroom set will add more comfort to the space

2. In addition to giving that personal touch to the decor

3. How to do it: lace cover for attached box (detailed tutorial)

4. It can also add some color to the clean bathroom

5. Or maintain discretion in the environment

6. Tutorial: cover for the toilet box (how to)

7. Pieces made in crochet are delicate and timeless

8. And can be custom-made for your bathroom

9. Video: how about a game of your favorite color? (step by step)

10. To give the room a feminine touch, bet on floral prints

11. Or include a children’s theme for the children’s bathroom

12. Like the friendly Minions

13. Do it yourself: owl toilet paper holder (advanced crochet)

14. Handcrafted pieces give a retro atmosphere to the environment

15. Especially if they have bangs

16. Video: how to make a sink mat in a simple way (step by step)

17. The bathroom set is a functional decoration

18. Some sets even have a toilet paper holder

19. The trio that can’t be missing in your bathroom

20. DIY: a smooth game full of charm (easy to do)

21. You can produce the parts yourself

22. Using your creativity and manual skills

23. Step by step: fabric bathroom game (tutorial)

24. But you can also buy a ready-made game in specialized stores

25. Or order from an artisan you admire

26. Just search the internet for the model that you like best

27. And that best matches your bathroom decor

28. Video: bathroom flower set (complete)

29. Fluffy fabrics are ideal for the winter season

30. So the icy floor won’t bother you so much

31. The same goes for crochet games with tighter stitches

32. Learn: bathroom game with jeans (step by step)

33. Dark pieces are good choices for bathrooms where circulation is greater

34. For they will stay clean longer

35. Practical manual: how to make a double-sided bathroom game (step by step)

36. Of course the bathroom where everyone showers deserves the cutest game

37. Patchwork is a beautiful and super easy technique to make

38. But the truth is that regardless of the chosen style

39. A bathroom set will keep the space much more organized

40. And with the indispensable coziness that the place needs

What’s up? Do you already know which outfit best suits your bathroom?

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