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40 amazing ideas for hair tied to the side and how to do it

The idea of ​​concentrating the volume of hair on just one side came up with the sidecut, a type of cut in which a part of the side of the head is shaved. More daring women joined the movement, which soon became a worldwide trend.

However, you don’t have to shave your hair to achieve the same effect, bobby pins and hairspray will do the trick. Holding your hair to the side is a hairstyle that allows you to create creative and very elegant looks. It is possible to join the trend by wearing buns, braids, half-up hairstyles, ponytails and all of that together at once!

The hairstyle looks good on straight, wavy, curly and frizzy hair. It also doesn’t matter if your hair is short, medium or long, there are options for all sizes and many are very easy to do. To give you an idea of ​​all this dimension, we have separated 45 beautiful side hairstyles looks and four tutorials for you to do at home. Check out!

1. Hair tied to the side has become a classic hairstyle

2. But it started with the sidecut fad

3. Like Natalie Dormer, Game of Thrones’ Margaery Tyrell

4. Side hair proved to be very versatile

5. It fits very well in a looser way in everyday life

6. And with a relaxed braid that is very easy to do

7. There is no error. The hairstyle suits any hair type

8. Your effect is always beautiful

9. Widely used on special occasions

10. In the most diverse ways

11. And with powerful curls

12. The side bun is one of the darlings

13. They are rich in detail

14. Very well done

15. Be in a “messy” style

16. Or in a modern rococo

17. With a braided tiara

18. Built-in braid

19. Two braids

20. The braid is really a super partner of the side hairstyle

21. She can be very discreet

22. Be the basis of a romantic look

23. Be present throughout the hairstyle

24. Or end up in a gorgeous ponytail

25. Use braid variations in your side hairstyle

26. Like this gorgeous roman braid

27. And this breathtaking fishbone

28. Not even Anna Kendrick can resist

29. Last one with braid. Promise!

30. The hair twist technique is also a partner of the side hairstyle

31. Isn’t it charming?

32. Long hair looks amazing on the side

33. Look at the ensemble with that topknot!

34. But shorts aren’t left behind

35. They are charming

36. And very elegant

37. Singer (and diva) Sandy is also adept at side-swept hair

38. After all, it’s a really gorgeous hairstyle

42. Or with well-defined waves

43. The semi-updo side hairstyle is another celebrity darling

44. Works great with straight, wavy hair…

After this incredible selection, it’s more than proven that you don’t have to follow any kind of pattern to rock your hair to the side, right? If you liked it and want to learn how to do a side hairstyle, keep with us!

Video tutorials for you to test at home

Some side hairstyles require a certain mastery of techniques and are really difficult to replicate at home. In this case, looking for a hairdresser is an excellent option. However, others can be surprisingly easy to make and you can enjoy using them on a regular work day, outing, or on a special occasion. Look:

Simple and quick wavy side hairstyle

Making a beautiful hairstyle with wavy strands is much faster and more practical than you might think. Check out!

Bulky curls to rock

If your hair is full of curls, here’s how to use the technique of twisting your hair on one side to create a beautiful side hairstyle.

Practical side braid

With a few bobby pins and fixing spray, see how to make a side hairstyle with a braid that is super easy to do and with an amazing effect!

World’s Easiest Side Curly

Want to know how to get your hair ready for a party in just two minutes? This tutorial is for you who have short, medium or long curly hair.

With so much beautiful inspiration, there will be no shortage of ideas when you need to do a hairstyle, right?

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