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4 rules of salon etiquette

Beauty salon, this almost exclusively feminine stronghold, in which it is allowed to spend hours doing “little woman things”, take as much time as necessary to decide on the color of the nail polish, gossip with professionals and other clients, among other pleasurable activities. Of course, there is a portion of the population that does not appreciate the salon’s atmosphere at all and only goes there when the situation becomes unbearable. But is the salon really a place that allows everything – or almost everything? The guide below should be taken into account to avoid embarrassment and rudeness when visiting the beauty salon.

1. Don’t be late

Making an appointment at the salon is not the same as making an appointment at the doctor, that’s ok, but respecting the appointments is good for any commitment. Try to arrive on time, because there are other people who depend on your punctuality. If you are late, everyone else who has appointments after you will have to wait. In addition, there are commissioned professionals, who depend on the number of jobs they carry out during the day – and their delay can hamper their performance. It’s a matter of education.

2. Don’t talk about other people’s lives

Currently, in large cities, this is a less common practice, because people know each other less. However, in the cities of the interior, talking about other people’s lives – especially talking bad about other people’s lives, in fact – is still one of the favorite pastimes of those who go to beauty salons. But, in addition to being impolite, you run the risk of talking about a person who, by chance – the world is quite small -, is known to someone who is there at that moment. Just in case, avoid.

3. Don’t talk too much about your life

It’s one thing to share small events in your life with the hairdresser, especially when you’ve known each other for a while, to break the ice of silence. It is quite another thing to go out and talk about details of your relationship, family problems, unnecessary points in your sex life, among other topics that concern only you. Therefore, talking is allowed, of course, as long as the subject is pleasant and does not invade anyone’s privacy – neither yours, nor the professional’s, nor the other clients’.

4. Give notice – in advance – if you need to cancel your appointment

In fact, this is a rule valid not only for the beauty salon, but for any service for which there is a need to book an appointment in advance. Doctor, dentist, psychologist, in short, every professional who works with an agenda does it precisely to avoid annoyance. If you’ve made an appointment and can’t make it, call at least two hours in advance to let us know. That way, the person can advance another service or even fit someone who is waiting for a time. When you don’t give notice, or give too much notice at the last minute, you’re taking up precious time – and time, as everyone knows, really means money, for these people. In addition to showing politeness, you show consideration for the hairdresser’s work and time.

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