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4 Reasons Your Dog Paws on You (and 4 Tips to Avoid It)

We love our dogs and somehow they can understand us without needing to talk. However, it is difficult for us to understand them. Canine behavior expert Rebecca Forrest shares her learnings and tells why our pet decides to paw us. What is he trying to tell us?

Today the awesome.club lends a helping hand so you can better understand what your dog is trying to tell you.

“I am scared”

If your dog is exposed to a new space or finds him bored, the situation is likely to create stress. The place where he is generates a lot of anxiety and therefore he starts to put paws on you. If it’s a question of insecurity, one way to confirm is to check if your ears are down, if you bark and if you yawn.

“I love you”

Often, while you pet your pet, he seems to return your caresses by lifting his paws. He seems to say thank you and want to return the affection. This is because hormones, such as oxytocin, which makes you feel happy, are emitted by dogs and owners when they are in a cuddle moment.

“I want attention”

As dogs grow very close to their owners, it is normal for them to demand attention. They depend on our affection, just as we depend on theirs. We must understand that if we are away from home for a long time, they will wait for us, wanting to play and be pampered.

“I want food”

ways to avoid

1. Ignore your behavior

If you’re trying to focus or just can’t give your dog the attention it needs, the simplest way is to ignore it. Stay away from the paws and avoid eye contact. That way he will calm down. After he stops, approach him and give him some petting as a reward.

2. Don’t pay attention

If you really don’t want to be disturbed, you should stand your ground and pay no attention to your pet. Over time, he will stop putting paws on you more and more.

3. Anticipate your needs

It is important to clarify your meals and tour times. The absence of any of these factors can make you restless and uncomfortable. Before relaxing, you should check that his needs are being met.

4. Change your position

As he rests his paws on you, try to change position. Discomfort will make your insistence more difficult. It is likely that he will get tired and stop doing it.

Do you have a dog? Do you know what he wants when he puts his paws on you? Tell us in the comments section.

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