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4 basic but very efficient tricks to make the cake dough very fluffy

We all have sweet memories of spending afternoons waiting for our mothers and grandmothers to bake delicious chocolate cakes, carrots, cornmeal and a multitude of other flavors.

There wasn’t (and there isn’t!) anything better than a tall, soft and fluffy cake, with the dough well aerated, right?

The problem is that our cakes do not always have these characteristics, generating that disappointment and feeling of wasted ingredients.

If you’re new to the culinary arts or just can’t get the cake right, you may be missing a small adjustment in the dough-making process.

So, write down these four super simple tips to apply the next time you’re making a cake, because why your dough doesn’t turn out fluffy can be something easy to solve. Good luck!

1. Use ingredients at room temperature

In the rush to make the cake, we take the ingredients out of the fridge and just throw the cold eggs and butter into the dough – it’s going to bake anyway, isn’t it?

So your cake will really bake anyway, but using ingredients that are too cold will keep it from getting fluffy. To get that light and aerated dough, the first tip is always to separate the ingredients in advance and let them reach room temperature before you start preparing.

Of course, if the recipe calls for 1 cup of ice water or half a cup of boiling water, you should follow these instructions.

2. The sieve is important

It may seem silly, but sifting dry ingredients like flour, sugar and yeast helps to make the cake dough fluffier. This happens because, when sieving, we eliminate the moisture that accumulates between the grains and that makes your dough heavy.

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In addition, the act of sifting allows you to remove any impurities from the ingredients, such as crystals of bicarbonate and sugar lumps, making your dough more homogeneous.

3. Beat the egg whites

Not every recipe accepts this trick, but for some cakes, you can try adding the yolks and whites separately instead of putting the whole egg in the batter.

While the yolks will be added normally, the whites must be beaten with snow before being incorporated into the dough (always gently). By doing this, you will obtain a lighter and more aerated dough, making your cake more fluffy.

4. Curiosity killed the cat and withered the cake

We know you’re eager to find out if your cake is rising, but opening the oven before 30 minutes is an invitation to culinary disaster and you’ll end up with a soggy cake.

After this time, check if the surface of the dough is golden and if the edges are coming off the pan. Then do the toothpick test: if it comes out clean, your cake is done.

Remember that it’s normal for recipes to go wrong the first few times you run them. Make sure you choose a recipe that works, such as family recipes or one that has positive reviews on the internet, and don’t give up on the first single cake.

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