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4 attitudes that make a man lose interest in a woman


Observing small details can make a big difference in the relationship, so it’s best to stay alert. It is important to note that men and women have different ways of expressing feelings, which often causes a feeling of disinterest. Nothing a good conversation doesn’t clear up. However, some situations can actually make a man lose interest in a woman.

The four behaviors listed below are very common in male complaints, but it is important for women to reflect on whether this is the case, since in relation to human beings nothing can be generalized.

1. Continuous behavior change

The question of behavior has a very broad meaning in the relationship. In order to understand this proposal, we refer to the untimely changes that some women show in their daily behavior and that, because they always happen, produce a feeling of incompetence in men. Such women have no opinion of their own; they influence each other very easily and therefore change their minds at every moment. This kind of behavior produces great confusion in the relationship, because the man just doesn’t understand it. After dedicating himself a lot in an attempt to please her, he becomes demotivated and, not infrequently, gives up on her.

2. Endless charges

A woman who constantly demands from her partner, whether in relation to their attitudes, or even financially, ends up undermining the relationship and causing great discomfort in the couple. The man’s feeling is that his wife thinks he doesn’t do anything right and, no matter how hard he tries, she will always complain. This kind of behavior is very dangerous for the health of the relationship, because no one can live long under coercion, feeling unappreciated and worthless. The worst thing is that this type of behavior tends to become a habit and the woman doesn’t even realize that she is constantly demanding, without giving any emphasis to her husband’s positive attitudes.

3. They show great insecurity

When a woman is always suspicious of everything, follows in her husband’s footsteps, meddles in everything and still plays the victim, the relationship is shaken. There is no man who can put up with endless scenes of jealousy and daily manifestations of insecurity and low self-esteem. Endless and pointless crises, at least from his point of view, detonate any interest in the woman.

4. Exercise full control

Bossy women are at the top of the list of male complaints. They are women who worry a lot, always have the solution for everything and determine about any subject or activity of the husband. Their will must always prevail and, of course, they need to know about his every step; they say they are zealous, but they are extremely controlling, possessive and negative. According to psychiatrist Flávio Gikovate: “While it is not always their intention, they exercise complete control over those who are dear to them. They become tyrants, creatures that try to rule over everything and everyone.” Wanting to control too much often results in a total loss of control in the relationship.

That way, if you’re feeling your husband’s lack of interest in you, think about how much rescuing that can be in your hands. It’s simple to understand: no one will keep an interest in someone who doesn’t make himself interesting.


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