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35 happy week phrases to cultivate good feelings in your days

You will have a week full of reasons to celebrate and reasons to smile. Trust her: she will be happy from start to finish.

Try to pay attention to the details of life and the things that make you smile and you don’t even notice. May your week be very happy.

This week is unique in your life and will never be repeated. Make her the happiest she’s ever lived so far.

In your week’s luggage, put only what will make you smile and leave you overflowing with happiness.

May the good feelings, paint your days with the most vivid and beautiful colors. Have a very happy week!

All you need for the next few days is cheer and joy. For that, start this cycle putting your best smile on your face. Have a happy week!

Try to go through the week without complaining and you will see how happy you can be looking only at the positive side of life!

In your plans for this week that is starting, put the goal of being happier every day.

Carry faith, peace, hope and joy throughout your week and you will have so many good things to celebrate when you reach the end of it.

A happy week awaits you if you have the courage to face challenges with joy!

If you smile every morning, good things will be attracted to you. Have a great week!

Don’t be ashamed to be happy and do everything that makes you grateful to be alive in your week!

May you find different reasons to smile and be happy throughout your week!

Beautiful days are starting and they will surprise you with joy, love, hope and endless happiness.

God is preparing you a week full of victories and happiness. Trust Him and move on! What you experienced is already part of the past. Let the new one come!

I wish joy to guide your steps in the 7 days that are about to begin.

Our life is a rug that we weave with the weeks we live. Choose the threads of happiness for the 7 days to come.

Don’t leave to be happy only in the future. The 7 days that are starting deserve you to rejoice in all of them.

I hope that positive energies visit you this week and deliver you many good and happy things.

Put love in everything you do and life will return you with great happiness. Have a great week!

Believe me: the most awaited news will arrive with the best answers during this week!

Be strong and always smile… This is the secret to having a happy week!

Get ready for this trip that will last 7 days and will be full of happiness. Have a great week!

Always smile at people and they will smile at you, wishing you happy days with this small action!

Don’t let the fear of spoiling your happiness stop you from living it in the 7 days that are starting.

No laziness for this week. Take heart because many cool things will happen and inspire you!

Take a deep breath, and when you release it, let go of the bad feelings. May your week be light and very happy.

May the next 7 days be unforgettable and may you feel great pleasure in being alive. Have a very happy week.

Learn to look on the bright side of life and you will have much lighter days. What weighs you down is only for learning. Happy week to you!

I’m sure a beautiful week is starting. Know that you deserve to be happy and enjoy life!

A new week begins and may happiness also be renewed in your life!

This is the week that everything will work out, you just need to trust, do everything with attention and genuine delivery of yourself, and smile at life!

Life is giving you new opportunities to make it happen and enjoy every second of your existence. Choose happiness this week!

Your mood can determine how excited you are in your days. So try to look on the bright side of life, don’t take yourself too seriously and you will be happier this week!

For this week, open your heart to happiness, peace, new attempts and the desire to conquer new things!

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