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35 good lunch phrases to have a nice and quiet meal

The most awaited time of the day has arrived: the time to fill the belly. Nice lunch!

There’s no way lunch is a bad time since it’s the time we kill our biggest annoyance: hunger. Nice lunch!

Nice lunch! May you restore your energies to have a productive afternoon full of achievements.

It’s a well-deserved break to rest and fill your belly. Nice lunch!

Take this moment to take care of yourself and your health by choosing foods that are good for you. Nice lunch!

I waited for this moment with great anticipation, not only to talk to you, but also because I couldn’t stand being hungry anymore. Nice lunch!

Take advantage of the lunch break to clear your mind and rest in order to face the challenges that are yet to come.

Have a great lunch, eat something you like because you deserve to pamper yourself once in a while.

You deserve this time to take care of yourself, de-stress and replenish your energies for what is yet to come. Nice lunch!

May they take everything away from me except my time to eat quietly and enjoy every bite of my food. Good lunch, guys!

I’m going to take advantage of the break from work to rest and do my favorite thing in life: eat. Nice lunch!

I’m having lunch alone, but I’d like to have lunch with you and feed the soul with our delicious conversations. I already miss you so much. Nice lunch!

I miss you so much and I wanted to be by your side during this break in the day because you renew my energies. Nice lunch!

A delicious meal is more than enough to revive joy in me. Nice lunch!

If you feel like going off the diet, go. You deserve little tastes of happiness. Nice lunch!

The morning was tough, but it’s a good thing there’s lunch time to eat and rest. Nice lunch. May you return 100% to work.

Nice lunch! May you eat what you want and feel happiness in every bite.

The closer to lunch, the less energy I have. So let every bite be a little bit of energy coming back to my body. Nice lunch!

A lunch of peace and tranquility is what every worker deserves. Enjoy!

Leave your worries on the desk at work and find them after your break. Nice lunch!

It is around the table that we are most excited. Nice lunch!

What makes meals good is the company. Be by the side of those who want your good. Nice lunch!

Nice lunch! Take a deep breath, eat with tranquility and let the peace of a full belly do you great good.

It’s time to eat, but it’s not time to overeat otherwise we can’t stand work. Nice lunch!

You are my favorite lunch date and I always look forward to this time. Nice lunch!

Food also goes to the heart and gives us new courage to face the day. Nice lunch!

That break is all it takes to trade a bad mood for a full belly. Nice lunch!

There are days when I need to trade my food for a nap at lunch. Make the choices that are good for you too. Good break, good lunch!

I just want peace and quiet to eat my lunch box and relax. Nice lunch!

We waited all morning for it to be acceptable to hit a plate. I’m not going to waste this chance. Nice lunch!

There are days when I wake up thinking about lunch and no one is happier than me when she arrives. Nice lunch!

I know you were looking forward to this moment and deserve to eat something delicious to celebrate. Nice lunch!

Lunch time is lunch time, not a time to do a lot of things. Enjoy eating and resting!

I don’t need coffee to wake up, I need lunch. Nice lunch!

The day doesn’t really start until I’m satisfied and had lunch. Good lunch to you!

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