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35 glitter francesinha ideas to shine on every occasion

Want a stylish and super easy nail polish that’s easy to do? Bet on francesinha with glitter! This nail art is delicate, fun and, at the same time, sophisticated. After all, a little sparkle never hurts, right? Next, check out the best nail polish ideas to choose the nails of the week.

35 photos of francesinha with glitter to get away from the traditional and rock

Francesinha is a classic nail art that suits different occasions. When combined with glitter, nails gain more prominence and are super stylish. See below incredible options to bet on this type of enamel:

1. The francesinha with glitter is perfect for those who want something striking

2. But also be discreet

3. And with a touch of sophistication

4. The francesinha with silver glitter is the most versatile

5. With the nude base, the glitter gains more prominence

6. Which is ideal to complement a glamorous look

7. Gold is another popular shade

8. Its brilliance recalls wealth and elegance

9. Combined with the accessories, the shine is even more incredible

10. Include a special design on the only child

11. Are your nails short?

12. This enameling makes them even more delicate

13. The tip is to make a very thin francesinha

14. Look how fun this option is

15. You can also play with colors

16. The francesinha with pink glitter exudes femininity

17. The dark green leaves a striking touch to the hand

18. Red glitter shows attitude and sexiness

19. Blue has no mistake

20. And it’s even worth mixing metallic tones

21. Do something colorful for fun nails

22. Include assorted designs

23. Make the francesinha with glitter only daughter

24. The ribbons complete the decoration

25. Do you want to give more prominence to the French? Use white as a base

26. Add rhinestones to make it even more sophisticated

27. Or choose a flocked glitter

28. It has a unique shine that guarantees an interesting effect.

29. Unleash your creativity

30. Make fun combinations

31. Vary the francesinha style

32. Play with add-ons

33. Bet on the classics that never go out of style

34. Escape from traditional enamelling

35. And of course, shine bright wherever you go!

Did you like this selection of photos? Surely one of them matches your personality and style!

How to make francesinha with glitter

Below, check out some tutorials to learn how to make a francesinha with glitter at home:

Francesinha with easy glitter

Have you tried making francesinha at home and it didn’t work? Stay calm! In this video, youtuber Jakeline Souza teaches a super easy trick to reproduce this nail polish. With your nails done, you’ll need a base coat and loose glitter. Press play and check out the step by step.

Francesinha in the only child

Anyone who loves nails in light tones knows that you have to be careful with glitter to not make the result too heavy. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a simple and delicate nail polish, using glitter in just a few details. Pay attention to Talita Cardozo’s tips and do it at home!

Frenchie tie with glitter

The francesinha tie is a great alternative to make the classic more interesting. And since shine is never too much, this version is even prettier with a glitter nail polish. Watch the video and follow Larissa Leite’s tips.

Frenchie and gradient with glitter

If you have an event and want very delicate nails, this tutorial is for you! In this video, Faby Cardoso teaches how to make a nail polish using lots of glitter and combining gradient nails with francesinha. Be sure to check it out!

Francesinha encapsulated with blue glitter

This video is for those women who love beautiful and long lasting nails. In it, Samira Genari shows how to make encapsulated nails with a reverse francesinha. The result is impeccable!

Don’t be afraid to throw yourself into the shine and rock a lot with your flawless nails! If you want more enamelling options, check out these decorated francesinha ideas.

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