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35 fashionista looks to stay on top of winter 2022 trends

Fashion is always reinventing itself and, every season, we see the pieces and prints that are successful among fashionistas. The winter 2022 trends are diverse and we separate the ones that are grooving for you to stay on top of everything. Check out amazing winter looks for you to be inspired and incorporate these pieces into your style!

animal print

The animal print came back with everything and appears in the most diverse pieces of clothing. Here are 5 ideas on how to combine this trend:

1. For the winter collection, the leopard coats arrived with everything

2. And the wool dress is a warm piece for cold days

3. It’s a stylish print that’s here to stay

4. Coats with snake print are also favorites

5. Leopard skirt + colorful sweater results in an authentic and superfashion look!

Jaguar, tiger, snake… They are the most diverse prints that allow stylish combinations. Combining with black, white and red is right and takes any look out of the basics.


Neon was fashionable in the early 2010s and came back with a makeover this season. The pieces now are sophisticated and the vibrant colors highlight the look and take any look from the obvious.

6. The neon coat is a piece that will rock this winter

7. Nothing like a warm and stylish look

8. These colors are original and eye-catching

9. To balance, use with black

10. And the daring ones can be inspired by this look

There’s no way neon doesn’t draw attention, but it’s worth mixing it with neutral tones to balance the look. And, for a powerful and authentic look, bet on the pantsuits!

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trench coat

A winter classic, the trench coat will be present in pink, black and earth tones. Here’s how to use it:

11. A perfect look for different occasions

12. Ideal for composing casual chic looks

13. Black makes the production even more dazzling

14. Pure style!

15. Practices will love

There are coats for all styles. Opt for accent colors or invest in monochromatic compositions for sophisticated looks.

western style

Western fashion started to be successful at Coachella, a Californian music festival, in which celebrities and influencers attended and showed their looks with a country touch. Cowboy boots, fringes and a hat are all part of this look. Check out!

16. The country boot is back with a bang

17. And you can combine it in a different look

18. The fringed coat is part of the look

19. And they can even add a colorful touch

20. It’s the perfect look to enjoy without losing style

Dressing in this style doesn’t mean you’ll go out dressed as a cowgirl. Just pick up characteristic western pieces, such as boots and fringes, and adapt it to your own look.

puffed sleeve

Another style that has made a comeback is the new romantic, which was successful in the 80s and features eccentric pieces inspired by romanticism. Vibrant colors and exaggerated sleeves are hallmarks of this original movement.

21. Puff sleeves can be extravagant

22. Or discreet, for a social look

23. She is in several pieces of the winter wardrobe

24. And takes any look from the obvious

25. In addition to making the visuals more elegant

The puff sleeve is part of authentic and stylish looks. To adapt it to everyday life, simply combine it with everyday pieces, such as jeans or tailored pants.

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synthetic fur

The fur coats make the look sophisticated, in addition to being warm. The current trend is to invest in synthetic fur pieces, which do not harm animals and are usually more affordable. Here’s how to combine:

26. For an elegant and accurate look, bet on a black fur coat

27. They Go With Everything

28. To highlight the look, bet on a vibrant tone

29. Colors bring style and sophistication

30. And the fur will keep you warm even on the coldest of days

These coats will keep you warm and stylish in winter. But, if you live in a region that is not so cold, invest in fur jackets or vests.

head accessories

Accessories are also part of the winter trends and the bet of the time is head accessories. Fashion in the 90s, they come back sophisticated and delicate.

31. You can choose a discreet model

32. Or a more laid-back style

33. A sporty chic look

34. A neat look with barrettes

35. A charm, isn’t it?

It’s a simple accessory, but it makes all the difference in the look. For everyday use, you can choose simple tic tac straps. For special occasions, bet on an accessory that highlights your hairstyle!

Tips on winter 2022 trends

In addition to these main ones, check out other trends that promise to be in stores and on the streets this winter 2022.

The parts for winter 2022

In this video, we follow several trends for this year’s winter. Check out several ideas of looks with the pieces that will be successful.

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The main trends of winter 2022

See what are the main bets for this year’s winter and the alternatives to adapt these trends to your style. Check out the main pieces and prints of the season and how to combine them.

shoes for winter 2022

Fashion goes beyond clothes. If you’re passionate about accessories and shoes, check out what’s hot this winter.

See how you can be fashionable without having to renew your entire wardrobe? Much of what was in fashion in other decades comes back updated this winter, so this information will help you compose stylish productions with the pieces of the season. Also check out other winter outfit ideas for inspiration!

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