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35 baby color nail photos to squander color and fun

If you like to bet on trends and love to have your nails done, you will love this nail art style. Variation of the baby boomer technique, baby color nails are fun and charming, perfect for those who like to combine subtlety and style. Check out some beautiful options below for you to bet on the next time you get your nails done!

What are wonderful baby color nails

You may have already seen some gradient effect nails done on a neutral base with the tips usually in pastel colors. Well, these are the baby color nails! The technique, as said before, is a variation of baby boomer nails, an old nail art method that consists of a francesinha that mixes a light pink tone at the base with a white enamel at the ends, leaving an ombré, delicate and very subtle effect. in its transition.

35 pictures of baby color nails full of charm for you to be inspired by

Baby color nails mix classic and modern, and have a stunning final effect. Next, check out some of the most varied options to dare with this nail art that has become a trend!

1. Baby color nails have conquered the hearts of many women

2. Discreet and full of charm

3. But with a fun splash of color

4. The technique has become more and more popular

5. Versatile and stylish, they look great on any nail shape

6. From the most daring, like this wonderful stiletto

7. Even the most classic ones, like the square nail

8. Perfect even for those who like to unite trends

9. And get out of the pattern a little

10. Plus, they’re super customizable!

11. If you don’t need a glitter, you can use them with glitter

12. Or even perform the technique with him

13. How about a super sweet only child?

14. The flocked glitter will give an even more stylish finish

15. The technique proves that fun can be elegant

16. And very delicate too

17. Even neon nail polishes come into play with an air of sophistication

18. Do you have short nails?

19. Know that this is not a problem!

20. And if you want to know the secret to make them even more beautiful

21. The tip is to blend well!

22. By doing this, you remove any nail polish marks and make everything smoother

23. By the way, softness is the goal of this technique

24. Look how cute this option with two encapsulated nails

25. And this one with an only child in a tie-dye style

26. Playing with a more vibrant gradient is also allowed

27. And make your nails luxurious with a gemstone

28. Nude tones are welcome for those who like discretion

29. But red also speaks very well with technique

30. Look at this orange nail polish finish, how charming!

31. These almond nails with stronger colors show boldness!

32. The important thing is to unleash your creativity

33. And rescue your fun side

34. That your nails look divine

35. And they lavished glamor wherever they went!

Did you like the options? So bet on these inspirations and give your nails a personalized touch to make them much more charming!

How to do baby color nails

Now that you know the technique and have some amazing model inspirations, learn how to put them into practice, so they look perfect and beautiful. See the tutorials below and get your hands dirty!

Baby colored nails in elongation

If you have doubts about how to make the perfect gradient for your baby boomer nail, nail designer Isabele teaches you the ideal step by step, in addition to detailing the process of a fiberglass stretching.

Baby color technique on natural nails

Separate the nail polishes and follow this practical tutorial of the baby color technique! The video follows blogger Flávia Pessoa performing the method herself while providing foolproof tips to leave natural nails with the perfect finish!

How to make the perfect color gradient

In this video, nail designer Isabele indicates the best products and materials for baby color nails, in addition to detailing a super complete step-by-step guide on how to gently blend to make the gradient smoother.

Beautiful encapsulated baby color nails

Anyone who loves encapsulated nails will also love this step-by-step full of techniques, details and tips. In the video blogger and nail designer Villar gives a class on how to make your nails even more beautiful with the combination of the two techniques. It is worth checking!

A woman with manicured nails doesn’t want war with anyone, especially if they have a special touch. And if you love to dare at the time of enamelling, be sure to also check out these charming options for francesinha with glitter that overflow femininity and glamour!

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